Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The First Monday in May

Some of my favorite documentaries to watch are fashion documentaries. What captivates me the most about these films, is that it gives the viewer an insider's peak into the beauty of the industry. In recent years, I loved both Scatter My Ashes and IRIS and now there is a new feature that is sure to mesmerize all the fashionistas out there. Fresh off the cusp of Monday's Met Gala, The First Monday in May is the movie to see this Summer. 

According to André Leon Talley, "The Met Ball is the Superbowl of fashion events." AMEN!!
The film follows the creation of the Met's most attended fashion exhibition in history, "China: Through The Looking Glass," curated by Andrew Bolton. Filmmaker Andrew Rossi, gives us a behind the scenes look of the collision of high fashion and celebrity at the Met Gala. The cast features fashion powerhouses - Lagerfeld, Gaultier, and John Galliano (to name a few). The most interesting part about the film, is the ultimate debate about whether fashion should be viewed as art or not.

As soon as these crutches are off, I am jetting to the Paris Theater to see this film. Take a peak at the trailer below and join me for this epic film this Summer.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Amy Grant x Tori Kelly

Does anybody remember the infamous single from Amy Grant, "Baby Baby?" I'm pretty sure I owned the cassette of her album and it was on constant rotation during my childhood on my sister's pink boombox. If you do remember, do I have a treat for you! It's been 25 years since your favorite 90s jam hit the radio waves and this epic song is back and better than ever. In honor of its quarter century birthday, Grant has released a new version of the tune featuring the luscious vocals of Tori Kelly. Take a listen below and it will bring all the nostalgia rushing right back to you from your youth.

I think it's time I put together a 90s playlist and this song will definitely be on it.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Chelsea Lankes

There's a new indie popstress in town and she goes by the name of Chelsea Lankes. She's a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with an electronic sound and whispery vocals that you enjoy having stuck in your head. She just released a 4 track self-titled EP that's got everyone talking. Her latest single Paralyzed describes a budding romance and all the mixed feelings it tends to generate - passion, fear, happiness and insecurity. I know I've experienced something like this before and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in the world thanks to Lankes. Give it a spin below and be sure to keep an eye out for this new star.

Friday, April 22, 2016


This weekend marks the second weekend of Coachella. One of these years I'll get over my fear (like T. Swift) and purchase tickets. 

While I may not be jetting off to the desert to attend the ultimate boho-flower-crowned-fringe-suede-denim-short-shorts-celebrity-packed weekend, I can still dream of one day attending. Each year it seems that the music festival pulls out all the stops and brings in a huge headliner plus noteworthy new bands. The crowds continue to rise because each passing year seems better than the last.

I'd thought I'd take my own spin on the festival, with the help of my friends over at Tickpick, and create the ultimate swoon-worthy lineup. It's jam packed with all of my all-time favorite bands and artists. I also created a the best playlist featuring my favorite tunes from each of them. Check it out below:

Fauxchella 2016 Playlist

If you missed out on Coachella this year, don't forget to head on over to Tickpick and snag a fee-free concert tickets. If sports are more your thing they have NFL and NHL tickets as well. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Wild WIld

Is it Summer yet? We've all been longing for warmer days ahead and it seems like this week we are about to get a nice dose of sunshine. Warmer temperatures always bring the need for weekend getaways and vacations to far off destinations.

I've been recently thinking about making travel plans this Summer with one of my best friends from childhood, Virginia, and I think it is finally time I pulled the trigger. Eons ago, we used to spend the Summers together doing musical theater and playing on the beach.We've never taken an adventure together and I think 2016 is our year to do it. Plus, I've already got our road anthem from a band called The Wild Wild. Benjamin Dunn's latest single "When We Were Young" revels in nostalgia and gives the listener a glossy upbeat melody about youth and the days of Summer past. His indie tune makes me reminisce about my childhood friendship with Virginia and brings a big smile to my face.

Take a spin below. Have fun trying to get this little number out of your head after the first listen, because its infectiousness is no joke. Don't worry, you will be much better off because of it, enjoy ladies and gents.

The Wild Wild - When We Were Young

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bow and Drape

The best kept secret in New York is this little company called Bow & Drape. The brands motto is to inspire smart, stylish women to make a powerful statement. Yes please! They are like no other brand on the market. For one, the company loves to celebrate self-expression and provides their customers with easy-to-use tools to play with fashion and create art. They praise their customers because they are inventive, a little bit cheeky, and they know who they are. Each item plays off of their personality and is made to order in the USA. They let you make the statement, both literally or figuratively. 

Head on over to their website and browse their funnest sayings or customize your own. Just peeking into their Instagram handle, their are some funny women out there making a statement. Can't decide if I'm going to purchase a best seller or be an inventive women and create my own internet sensation. Take a look at some of my favorites. Which one catches your eye and makes you smile?