Friday, August 29, 2014

{Labor Day Weekend}


Um excuse me Labor Day, you got here way way way too quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating Memorial Day in Chicago, ready to embrace the warm weather and all that Summer had to offer. And now, Summer is coming to a close, coats will begin to head into rotation and I'll be heading into a new decade in life in just a couple of weeks. AHHHH!!

But before I freak out just yet, we've got one more weekend of Summer in the books to enjoy. I'll be celebrating locally in style at Moses and Marisa's Wedding at The Ritz in Battery Park. One final wedding of the season and I can't wait to catwalk on the dance floor with my favorite monsters. #MoMAgetsmarried watch out!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! How are you ringing in the end of Summer?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{Two Year Blog-Anniversary}

Can you believe it has been two years since Pewter & Puddles first graced the blogosphere? To all of my family, friends and fellow bloggers, thank you for your continued encouragement and readership. This blog challenges me each and every week, and I couldn't complete the posts without your love and support. Over 260 posts so far and another 2,600,000 more to go..

In typical blog fashion, who doesn't love a good roundup? Here is a look back at the top five posts about Music, Fashion, Home Decor, NYC and Lifestyle (based on page views) from the last year:

When I first blogged about  Lola Wolf, I couldn't find anything about them on the internet other than it was the best thing to happen to Zoë Kravitz. Since her electronic pop single titled "Drive" hit the web, she's added many new jams to her repertoire and toured all over the country. You are missing out if you bypass this awesome tune.


Whether you make a small statement with your clutch or earrings or you go all out in a dazzling frock, you will sure to be a crowd pleaser in any of these fantastic embellished dresses for the upcoming ball drop this New Years Eve. 

Gallery Wall
Every once and awhile, I have a brand reach out to me to do a sponsored post. Recently, Shutterfly opened its doors and wanted to collaborate on a home decor post. I've always wanted to create a Gallery Wall in my bachelorette pad and came up with the best ideas to consider for tackling the project.

Sarah Jessica Parker, conceived and produced an awesome AOL On Originals' new docuseries titled city.ballet which gives you the ultimate look into the ranks of New York City Ballet and will make every little girl swoon with excitement. I miss Southland Ballet Academy.


I am a sucker for anything pertaining to astrology and your birth sign. I rounded up Susan Miller of Astrology Zone's 2014 predictions for each sign. We are coming to a close on 2014, was she pretty accurate or what? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

{Taylor Swift}

I'm sure it comes at no surprise that I am OBSESSED with the new Taylor Swift jam "Shake It Off". This girl can do no wrong in my book, heck I've blogged about her on Music Monday's here & here. Although at times I miss her old school country roots, I think that Swifty definitely gets better with age. It's less guitar crooning and more infused Max Martin pop goodness. This powerhouse 24 year-old has proved to the "haters" that she's not going anywhere. So I suggest, you can get on the T.S bandwagon and get ready to dance around your apartment to her new sick beat. I definitely am!

Oh and P.S. her video is just too cute not to share - enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{Flat Out}

Flat Out!

Top Row: 1 // 2 // 3
Middle Row: 1 // 2 // 3
Bottom Row: 1 // 2 // 3

The anticipation of wearing normal shoes is killing me. I can't wait to chuck these Nike sneakers next week and finally be able to slip into a pair of cute flats. It is so sad that Summer is almost over and my feet have yet to wear a pair of normal shoes. Hopefully, I can sneak in some quality flat time before I need to wear any socks with my shoes. These last few weeks of August into early September are quite interesting because we are all starting to transition our wardrobes and prepare for Fall. Right now is the best time to pick up those Summer Flats you had your eye on all season, but didn't like the hefty price tag, because they are probably on sale. If you are going to pick up any impulse purchases at the end of the season, always stick to transitional colors that can be brought forward into Fall.  It will justify the purchase that much more. Check out my favorite transitional flats - Jenni Kayne, I've got my sights on you! Which one do you want?

Monday, August 18, 2014

{Wild Child}

Ben Kweller was one of my favorite artists in high school. I simply adored the red headed singer song writer. His folk tunes (on the guitar and or piano) always had me craving more even after the last song played on my discman. In 2012, he stumbled across a band called Wild Child and was instantly hooked. He later produced their album, The Runaround in 2013 and the rest is history.  These Austin cuties (Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins) are the ultimate folk combination to come out Texas since Mr. Kweller himself. They remind m a little bit of Mean Lady and Slow Club. Check out their adorable crooner hit Pillow Talk below. Are you smiling yet?

Pillow Talk - Wild Child

Friday, August 15, 2014

{You Can Stand Under My Umbrella}

Stand Under My Umbrella

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For those of you who know me, you know that I am obsessed with rain. Heck, even my blog logo and name is dedicated to the idea of rain. Rain can often be depressing. It can make a crappy day even crappier when caught in a torrential downpour. However, at the end of the day, rain can be very soothing, beautiful, and often times, romantic. I'm still waiting for that ultimate kiss with Prince Charming when the skies are grey and bit misty. Until then, I will ponder these beautiful prints from Society6.

I can't speak more highly of the awesome website that is Society6 - you can see some of my obsessions here and here. One of the reasons why this website is so fantastic, is that you can search all art and prints by keywords or phrases. And since I'm always in the mood to search for new art for my bachelorette pad, here are quite a few "rain" related prints that have caught my eye. How can you not look at any of these prints and be sad, they are all truly breathtaking. Which one is your favorite?