Monday, August 14, 2017

The Farewell Tour

In August of 2012, I started Pewter and Puddles as a way to showcase all of my passions and reflections on Music, Fashion, Home Decor, and New York. It was a creative release that always kept me on my toes and challenged me year after year, (1, 2, 3, 4) especially when I wasn't fulfilled at my 9 to 5. 

As some of you have seen in the past year, my content has become sporadic and the sparkle that was once there has sadly dimmed. Truth be told, the majority of my creative energy has shifted to my amazing new job, which in the end, has left little room for any after work blogging pursuits. I've felt guilty that I haven't been able to keep up and therefore it is time to put the blog on hold (for now) and simply just enjoy life.

It has been an amazing five-year ride with Pewter and Puddles. Thank you to my family and friends for your continued support, feedback, and readership. To quote one of my favorite films, "This isn't a conversation about this being over. I'm not like, putting a period at the end of this. I'm putting ellipsis on it."  

Goodbye, for now, Pewter and Puddles. Until we meet again blogosphere... 

Monday, August 7, 2017


A new gorgeous track called 'Typical' written and produced by Atlanta artist - Seersha has me feeling all sorts of 80s nostalgia. The song was penned for her husband to listen to on his summertime drives. How adorable is that?  The songs got a great groove, it's filled with dance-inflected electropop and ethereal vocals. Watch out MS MR, CHVRCHES and Tears for Fears, there is a new songstress in town. Check out the video below.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Charli XCX

I was never a boy crazy kid growing up. I was not a subscriber to Teen Beat nor did I have JTT posters adorning my walls. I did fancy Ryder Strong, I just didn't overly express it all over my trapper keeper. However, in my adulthood, I could spend hours on a Sunday going down a deep rabbit hole of googling photos of my main squeeze Jake Gyllenhaal. Anytime I see his face in a magazine, I stop dead in my tracks and swoon.

When I recently saw the video for Charli XCX's "Boys" it made me nostalgic for my early 20s and giddy at my first discovery of Gyllenhaal. The song is straight bumble gum pop and the video is chalked full of your favorite musical hotties, dips on Riz Ahmed and Ezra Koenig. You can't help but blush at the sight of all of these artists, even buzzfeed put out article ranking then all.

 It's the new digital version of JTT. He just adorns your computer wallpaper instead of your childhood bedroom. Check it out below and swoon for yourself.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer 2017 Playlist

I can't believe we are more than half way through the month of July. I know I say this every year, but where does the Summer go? Before I know it, it will be my birthday. But before we jump to another year older, can we talk about the abundance of amazing albums and singles that have dropped this Summer. It seems like every Friday, the music industry is gifting us with joyous sounding gifts and I can't seem to get enough. From Bleachers to Lorde, to Haim, the 2017 Grammy judges are going to have a tough time picking their favorite contenders.

Check out my Summer 2017 playlist to enjoy on your morning commute, a weekend adventure or both. I've got this on repeat until the Fall.

Monday, July 10, 2017


There's been so much good music this Summer, it's hard to pinpoint which artist/band I want to talk about first. I promise to make a Summer playlist soon featuring all my favorite songs that have been on constant rotation as I bop to work or glide into the weekend.

The first band that we need to discuss is Haim. The sisters highly anticipated sophomore album dropped and let's just say those four years of waiting for new material were absolutely worth the wait. They channel serious Wilson Phillips, Bat For Lashes, and Stevie Nicks vibes on "Something to Tell" and I can't get enough. I started thinking about my favorite songs and what I wanted to call out, but truth be told, not one song stands alone. The entire album is just too good. If you don't believe me, head over to Spotify and check it out as you can stream the entire album there.

For now check out their latest video for "Want You Back." I've got a feeling, you will be just as obsessed as I am. Enjoy!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Miley Cyrus

It's been almost four years since everyone's favorite Hannah Montanna dropped Bangerz and I was instantly obsessed.  However, everything that has followed suit has been one wrecking ball after another, until now. The once controversial pop star has cleaned up her act and has gone back to her roots. Critics are calling it an uber cheesy pop song and/or a reinvention, but all I can say is that Cyrus' new single Malibu is one damn catchy new single and I'm hooked. It was on repeat at the gym for me this weekend. It might be too early to call, but Malibu may be Summer 2017's anthem. I guess laying off the weed has done this Miley good in my book. See for yourself below.