Friday, August 31, 2012

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Last month, Josh and I took a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in Park Slope. It was a gorgeous day to take in nature and all the wonderful things the garden has to offer. If you have never been, I highly recommend taking a day and going to visit. The grounds are huge and you could spend hours getting lost and gazing at the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees.

Because we went in late summer, some of the flowers were not in bloom anymore (like daffodil hill). We spent some quality time in the Conservatory learning all about the Desert, Tropical, and Warm Temperature Pavilions. I loved the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden because it had a million different sized sea turtles swimming all around.

I want to head back to the gardens in the Fall because I'm sure this place is breathtaking once the leaves turn autumn colors. Check out the photos we took below and see for yourself.

{Cacti and Flowers from the Desert Pavilion}

{Plants from the Desert Pavilion}

{Plants from the Tropical Pavilion}

{Scenic shot from the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden}

{Amazing sunroof hanging art in the Conservatory}

{Another hanging art piece}

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