Friday, September 28, 2012

Bacon It's What's For Dinner

Traif is my favorite restaurant in all of Williamsburg. Considering a new restaurant opens about once a week this is a pretty big statement. This little restaurant opened up about a year and a half ago and it is such a gem.

Cuisine is American Tapas or American Nouveau if you're the New York Times. The menu changes daily in the 'burg which is an extra treat, so chances of having the same exact dish twice is highly unlikely. However, they do have some regular occurrences as well as variations of certain dishes. 

This restaurant is great for groups because everything is meant to be shared. Almost every dish has some form of bacon/pork in it. So all you vegetarians and Jews out there - watch out. Some of my favorite dishes include "bacon-wrapped blue cheese–stuffed dates, spinach a la catalana", "bbq, braised short rib sliders, sweet potato fries, smoked paprika aioli" and "dayboat scallops, snap & english pea risotto, lemon-caper brown butter". Make sure you save room for dessert because the chef's mother makes homemade key lime pie daily and they also have bacon donuts.

So for all you Manhattanites reading today - go make a reservation now and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

229 S 4th St (between Havemeyer St & Roebling St) Brooklyn, NY 11211. Neighborhood: Williamsburg - South Side. (347) 844-9578

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ring Around the Rosey

I LOVE rings. I am always on the hunt for the quirkiest newest ring. My favorite ring that I wear every day is my infamous stump ring that I wear on my right hand ring finger. Josh purchased this beauty for our first year anniversary and I have never been able to take it off. Aaron Ruff of "Igby and Iona" creates quirky and beautiful jewelry in a Brooklyn studio inspired by history, literature, nature and childhood fantasies of exploring.

Take a look at some of my favorite rings by Igby and Iona, some of which are new, and some that have been around for a few years. Which one is your favorite?

{Howling Wolf Ring}

{Black Spot Pistol Ring}

{14 Point Stag Ring}

{Code of the Sea Ring- engraved "If I Tell You I'd Have to Kill You"}

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pale Seas

Pale Seas are a 4 piece band from Southampton and they are absolutely magical. Their sound is  mixture of beautiful folk and a hint of pop. The track "Something or Nothing" is a bittersweat track with similarities to Beach House and Elliot Smith. I do not know what it is about the glockenspiel instrument, but whenever I hear it in a song - I go weak in the knees.

Pale Seas - Something or Nothing

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mason Jar Chandeliers

{ Pottery Barn: Exeter 16 Jar Pendant }

We have such boring overhead lighting in our apartment. One day I'm just going to come home, rip the lights out of the ceiling in the living room, and replace with mason jar chandeliers. Maybe I will make this a DIY project for a rainy day. For now I will just keep pining over the amazingness at Pottery Barn and BootsnGus on Etsy.

{ BootsnGus Tiered: Etsy }

{ BootsnGus 5: Etsy }

{ BootsnGus Waterfall Spiral: Etsy }

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NY Fashion Week Round Up - Spring 2013

Well Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week is officially over. Each hour I anxiously toggled between and to see the latest runway snapshots from my favorite designers. Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs are usually my favorites; however, this year there were other front runners who won my vote. Take a look at my favorite collections this season. Who was your favorite?

J E N N I  K A Y N E 

This is Jenni Kayne's NY Fashion week debut. All the way from Los Angeles, California, her collection is titled "Surf Sophistication." Key separates mixed with elements of surf culture and urban sportswear are what define this collection. In addition, a fantastic ethnic print, surprising color combinations, and dynamic stripes in various widths.  It is hard to pick a few favorites to showcase because every piece is my favorite.

D I A N E  V O N  F U R S T E N B E R G 

There is something to be said about a designer who has been creating clothes since the 1970s and is still at the top of her game. Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring 2013 collection is one of her finest. Titled "Palazzo" this collection is adventurous, colorful, confident, and bohemian in spirit. Narrowly cut trousers, jumpsuits, and caftans inspired by the locals of downtown Manhattan and Marrakesh are the key silhouettes. I need to book a trip to Morocco so I can wear all of these pieces. How awesome is the polka dot suit?

E R I N  B Y  E R I  N  F E T H E R S T O N 

Moto Chic describes Erin Fetherston's latest collection. Typically her pieces have a girly aesthetic, but this season, each silhouette got a little tougher and edgier with hardware detailing, leather, and bodycon silhouettes. Peach and white were the dominant colors, followed by an all over lip and animal print.  Next Spring seems too far away to own some of these great pieces. I wanna wear all of them this Fall especially the zebra printed 3/4 length sleeve dress.

Monday, September 17, 2012

England's Newest Hipster: Dan Croll

It really pays to have a boyfriend in the music business. It makes discovering new music extremely easy. Thanks Josh for finding this gem while in England.

At just 20 years old, this adorable English hipster is just dropped his debut single "From Nowhere" and an album slated for a 2013 release. An article by writer Andrew Ellis sums his sound up perfectly stating "A menagerie of strings, beautifully picked guitar and vocal lines fit to charm the prettiest girl in the room." A mixture of different cultures and international sounds with similarities of Morning Benders, Beach Boys and Beirut.

Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Friday, September 14, 2012

Run Around Sue

There is no better atmosphere/experience than running the loop in Central Park or laps around the Reservoir on the Upper East Side. Every since I've moved to Brooklyn people always ask me where do I run now that I no longer have the park close to my doorstep. The answer is all over Brooklyn. Josh and I have discovered some great running paths and I would love to share them to my fellow Brooklynites:

1) T h e  W i l l i a m s b u r g  B r i d g e
From our apartment to the Bridge is a little over 4 miles and makes for a fantastic workout. 

P r o s: Running the bridge is a great test of endurance because you have 2 rounds of inclines and declines. If you are training for either a half marathon or a full it can help you practice hill repeats. 

C o n s: Watch out for bikers, slow walkers, and dogs

2) M c C a r r e n  P a r k
From our apartment to McCarren Park and back is about 1 mile. 4 laps around the track is another mile. Depending on how long you want your workout to be, keep repeating 4 laps and before you know it, one could easily tally almost 5 miles in totality.

P r o s: A great regimented run.

C o n s: Although McCarren is a park it is not Central Park. Running around the track and field can be quite boring. 

3) P r o s p e c t  P a r k
A quick 30 min ride on the G train (when it's running) you will arrive at the closet thing to Central Park in Brooklyn - Prospect Park. 1 loop is almost 3.4 miles and a great workout with unbelievable scenery.

P r o s: For days when you would like a longer distance just increase the number of loops in the park and you have yourself quite a workout in store.

C o n s: 1 gradual hill that is .35 miles long and after multiple loops it can be quite brutal to run up it.

So grab your running shoes, hat, and sunblock and I'll see you out there Brooklyn!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leather Here, Leather There, Leather Everywhere

It used to be all about the Leather Jacket. It was and still is a fashion must have season after season. As the fall season approaches, other leather silhouettes are slowing becoming the new staple item to anyone's wardrobe. From vests, to short shorts, to even overalls, fashion designers are getting creative with this rawhide material.

I bought a leather blazer from Banana Republic back in 2001 and wore it a plethora of times that year only to hang it up the next year because the trend had died. I'm proud of myself for never donating it in hopes that I could one day wear it again. Next time I'm in Cali that bad boy is coming home with me in my suitcase. What leather silhouette are you excited about?

Blazer: Topshop
Tank: Spiegel
Jacket: Madewell
Pant: T by Alexander Wang
Peplum Tank: Robert Rodriguez
Shorts: Rag & Bone
Vest: Express
Dress: Maje
Long Sleeve Shirt: Rag & Bone

Monday, September 10, 2012

Taylor Swift

I am a total sucker for any cheesy pop song and Taylor Swift's new jam "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is totally fulfilling all cheesy needs at this very moment.  Say whatever you wanna say about this country pop super star, but the girl can write pretty catchy melodies that you just wanna dance around in your underwear to when no one is watching.

I just love that she writes from her heart. Almost all of her songs are about men who have done her wrong in the past and what better way to seek revenge than to write it down and sell millions of CDs. I'm also pretty sure this song is about Jake Gyllenhaal which makes me love it even more.

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quirkiness at Home

When it comes to interior designers, Jonathan Adler is my jam. If only I was made of millions and could own everything he makes. My favorite home decor items that he produces are his whimsical pillows. There is not a single pillow on his website that I wouldn't purchase. As a housewarming gift for Ten Eyck Manor, my parents bought Josh and I customized J and E pillows (like the one shown above) just so we could have a piece of his quirkiness in our new space together. These pillows are my favorite thing in our apartment.

How could you not love him, just take a look at some exerts from his manifesto:

What is your favorite Jonathan Adler piece?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swedish Hasbeens: Outdoor Life

I have always wanted to buy a pair of Swedish Hasbeens ever since I discovered these 70s inspired clogs/boots a few years ago. Each shoe is beautifully crafted and ecologically prepared with natural grain leathers. This year may be the year because their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is truly magical and inspired by Beatrix Potter who is most well known for being the author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".

What most people don't know is before the success of Peter Rabbit she was an amateur biologist during the late 1800s. The collection was designed to "honor nature and the women biologists and scientists, like Beatrix Potter, that paved the way for us and for future generations showing the world that knowledge about our nature and world is power regardless of gender." 

Take a look at some of my favorite styles from the collection below - which style is your favorite?

{Ice Baby}

{No Water with Lining}

{T-Bar Sandal}


{Golf Wedge}

Monday, September 3, 2012


Over the weekend, Josh introduced me to a band called KOKO. Get ready to hear big things about this band. Composed of two brothers named Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn who grew up in northern California but are now currently residing in the south.

Since January of 2012, the brothers along with some other talented musicians, began working on some tunes which can be found on their Bandcamp page. Out of the three songs listed on their site I have included my favorite jam - Float. If Edward Sharpe and Miike Snow had a love child it would be this. I can't stop playing it. What do you think?

Float - KOKO