Monday, February 23, 2015

Robyn Sherwell

Mondays are always dreadful, but why not start the week off on a beautiful note with the ever-so talented singer-songwriter Robyn Sherwell. Her airy meets R&B vocals will have you in a daydreaming haze. Sounds pretty standard for how we all feel on a Monday, am I right? The London songstress is getting ready to release Love Somebody EP on March 30th via Birdland Records. Take a listen to her latest single Tightropes below, which showcasing her extraordinary chops that will warm the heart and melt the soul.

Friday, February 20, 2015

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

Although I have absolutely no desire to see the movie/read the book 50 Shades of Grey, I will always have a soft spot for the color. I love embracing the shade around my apartment because it can be a great accent piece that works on many different levels.  For one thing, if you co-habitat, this color is gender neutral and can make any room warm, welcoming and light. Check out my top grey picks below, I've got my eye on that fantastic rug from Safavieh. What about you?

2. Safavieh Keene Rug, on sale $44.99-$836.99

3. H&M 2 pack Bird Candles, $6.15

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NY Fashion Week Round Up - Fall 2015

There's no escaping this frightful weather. The only option is to take a warm getaway and since that really isn't in my near future, I'll stick to hiding out indoors. Thank god for New York Fashion Week and the internet to cure my Winter Blues. I always love a good round up and thought I'd share my favorites from the past week. Which designers caught your eye?

3.1  P H I L L I P  L I M

He's been dazzling our hearts for a decade in the industry and each season he proves he's got ultimate staying power.  Lim took a bit of a different approach for his Fall collection and reflected on his brands aesthetic over the years. He created a new playful language by deconstructing himself. The key elements were front and center - vibrant takes on essential sportswear pieces, menswear-inspired tailoring with a feminine touch, and a street smart attitude. Lim worked all of these themes, emphasizing silhouettes that were a little haphazard, undefined, and free.

C A R O L I N A  H E R R E R A

"I don't do years. I'm trying to go to the future" Carolina Herrera said right before her Fall 2015 runway show. She may be 76, but her designs are ageless. For Fall, her ideas explored the concept of water, and her approach were both literal and abstract. It was hard for me to separate my top 6 looks because everything was absolutely stunning. Each piece was modern, elegant and simply breathtaking in luxurious silk organzas and jacquards.

J E N N Y  P A C K H A M

Can we talk about these incredible gowns? I sure hope one of them gets featured this weekend on the Oscar red carpet cause I need just one more look. Packham's inspiration for Fall was inspired by a trip to the Prado Museum in Madrid which gave her an up-close look at Spanish artists and their loose brushstrokes, dramatic themes and deeply saturated colors. Her main takeaways were lots of texture - lace, velvet, sequins in a plethora of sizes, specs of glitter and giant paillettes. 

K A T E  S P A D E  N E W  Y O R K 

A little magic goes a long way and that is precisely what Deborah Lloyd, chief creative officer of Kate Spade had in store this season. The Fall collection drew inspiration from everyone's favorite whimsical writer Roald Dahl. His dazzling tales - Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  translated the DNA of the brand perfectly. I can't wait to snag at least one of these fur-tastic pieces come September.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Greg Holden

Attention readers: Babe Alert. Introducing, Greg Holden, a new singer-songwriter who I've got on heavy rotation. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, grew up in England and now resides in Brooklyn. Gotta love those European transplants. While he only started playing guitar at 18, he says it has completed changed the direction of his life. For instance, this dashing gentlemen co-wrote American Idol winner Phillip Phillips hit single "Home" and he has been penning tunes ever since. He is about ready to drop his debut album this April and I couldn't be more excited. With a sound similar to Joshua Radin, Mumford & Sons, and Greg Laswell, he is the next best singer-songwriter to look out for.

He's playing Le Poisson Rouge this Wednesday at 7:00pm. For more info click here. Click on his new single below to tide you over until Hump Day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Shopping List

Spring Shopping List

Is it Spring yet? To bad the groundhog saw his shadow last week, because I could really use some warmer weather and be able to ditch my puffer coat for the foreseeable future. We may be months away from floral buds and tight free ensembles, but it's never too late to get a jumpstart on your Spring shopping list and ensure that your closet is perfectly stocked. Similar to a post I did this past Fall, check out your must-have items to get you ready for the upcoming season.

Thank god for Daylight Savings Time and sunshine till around 8:00pm. As soon as our clocks "spring forward" we are all going to need a bright new pair of sunnies to keep our eyes covered for those longer sunshine-filled days ahead. Plus, my girlfriend Elana would agree that a girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses in her wardrobe.

As a New Yorker, I carry an umbrella in my bag year round. I never know when I am going to be caught in a torrential downpour. Plus, when you meet that handsome stranger in the rain, ensure that your umbrella is big enough for sharing. April showers bring May flowers.....

Stripes scream Spring. Whether it is in a top, pant, skirt, etc. this nautical pattern is sure to spruce up this season's wardrobe even if you're not spending all of your days on yacht.

One thing to look forward to once Winter is gone is ditching your socks and boots. Embrace the warmer weather and your feet with something stylish, comfortable and versatile. Pick up a pair of nude ballet flats because they are an amazing staple for any outfit in your Spring wardrobe.

A handbag material that thrives in the Spring is straw. It's the quintessential accessory to tote for a picnic in the park or a stroll along the beach. This old school fabric adds a little flair to your city look. Whether you prefer it in a handbag or a hat, make sure to grab something straw this Spring.

Another pattern that resinates with Spring is anything floral. For a solid 3 months (5 if talking about Syracuse) city residents tackle snow and wear darker colors due to the dreary weather outside their windows. Once Spring shows up, everyone ditches the dark hues and patterns for a floral pattern.  Plus it's fun to match the outside ambiance. 

The trench coat is the perfect coat for the Spring season. It is a great transitional piece for your commute to the office when the weather is still a bit brisk. Plus, it's super lightweight to hold or store in your bag, if the weather surprises you and you no longer need a jacket. A must have layering piece for Spring.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Father John Misty

It has been over two year since Josh Tillman graced us with his musical talents as Father John Misty and finally the wait is over. It's as if no time has passed since "Fear Fun" debuted, because his melodic voice and acoustic folk sound is still entrancing audiences ever minute. His new album comes out tomorrow and everyone is in for a real treat. Check out one of my favorite and beautiful melodies below. Be sure to check and see when this fantastic musician is headed to your hometown because he will not disappoint. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Horoscopes for February 2015

We welcome another month in 2015 brought to you by the infamous Susan Miller. There are predictions for each sign below from her and then head on over to get the full scoop from her website for the month of February. ENJOY!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)
If you've been yearning for commitment, the full moon, as big as a pizza pie, February 3, may well make your dream a reality. It's hard to imagine a more sumptuous full moon. Falling in Leo, your opposite sign, and conjunct Jupiter, you may get engaged, or if dating, promise your fidelity to the one you love. Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius until February 11, so keep your talks a secret for now, and make no firm plans until Mercury goes direct. You will lose nothing by waiting; in fact, you will have much to gain.

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)
Saturn, the taskmaster planet, is now firmly ensconced at the top of your chart, where the "12" is located on the face of a round clock, so you are no doubt taking on new career responsibilities. The area you are working in appears to be new to you, so you will need to master all that is involved, an exhausting process, but the very newness of it all is what is rightly attracting you to this project in the first place. You will have plenty of room to grow professionally, and by December 2017, when Saturn is set to move on, if you work with Saturn and concentrate on all that is needed to be done, you will be a force in your industry.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)
You have a tender, romantic full moon to brighten your house of true love the minute the month opens, on February 3. This full moon is sure to bring happy, affectionate surprises galore, thanks to a shimmering beam from Uranus in Aries. If you are single and hoping to find someone new, this full moon will be your fairy godmother. You won't be able to guess what romantic episode is likely to transpire at this full moon, for Uranus is the planet of all things unexpected - be open to the serendipity. 

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
Good fortune Jupiter is moving through in your fourth house, sending luck to your residence or other property you might own or rent. The full moon on February 3 will bring to culmination an important action or decision you are about to make involving property, and once you do, you will feel sensationally happy. Jupiter will be conjunct the full moon, and with surprise-a-minute Uranus friendly too, these two planets will shower you with radiant luck regarding your living situation. Your actions appear to be cresting now and nothing that will come later is likely to outshine the news you get in the first week of February. (Allow a plus or minus four days to the date the full moon appears, February 3.)

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A bigwig appears to be impressed with your ability to communicate, whether through writing, speaking, doing videos or film, editing, translating, doing research, or by coding software. You are the zodiac's talented wordsmith, and now, at the full moon, February 3, you will see tangible evidence of just how much the marketplace values you and would be willing to pay top dollar to have you in their corner. Jupiter will orbit next to this full moon, a fabulous indication of happiness and profit, and because Uranus will be sending friendly beams too, the sudden news will be something you never saw coming but will love when it does. By next month, at the solar eclipse, March 20, you may have a new title plus a whole new life to look forward to living.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Outstanding, exceedingly good news about money is due to come to you at the full moon February 3. It won't be money you win, so don't rush down to the convenience store to buy lotto tickets - this will be money you likely earned the old fashioned way. How proud you will be when news arrives at the full moon, February 3, for you deserve the bounty you will receive. Jupiter will conjoin that moon, indicating the check will be generous, and Uranus will link to your house of career prestige, suggesting you won't quite expect the news that will arrive. Saturn will be friendly too, and will give you a strong sense of security by allowing you to create a foundation for bigger dreams.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)
You will be feeling ecstatic as you begin February, for you will have so much to celebrate. The full moon, February 3 will bring a dream dear to you to fruition, and it seems to involve a close relationship that you care very much about. Most lionesses will experience this lovely full moon as the moment to decide to soon become engaged or wed, although if you are not ready to get engaged, you may promise to be exclusive to each other or to move in together. If you are not dating seriously, you may decide to use it to form a wildly profitable business relationship later this month.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22)
On or near the full moon, February 3, a VIP - most likely a high level, influential woman - will go far out of her way on your behalf, and because she is discreet, you may not be aware of her efforts. If you do find out, she will ask you not to speak of her assistance to others. If you have confidential talks going on in your own life, you are likely to get close to finalizing a plan of action in the first week. Early February is simply glorious, so if you need support or funding to launch an idea, plan to be out and about pitching your ideas.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)
As the month opens, friends will be angels. Within days of the full moon of February 3, you will have a beautiful event to attend that could well become the A-list party of the year that you'll long remember. Uranus will be directly involved with this full moon, so the event itself, or what transpires when you go, will come as a complete - and happy - surprise. Jupiter, the benefic planet, will conjoin this full moon, making it the finest full moon of 2015, brimming with luxury and a feeling of being supremely pampered. In attendance at this event will be accomplished people you know, and some you don't, and you'll have an opportunity to make new friends. If you are not going to a party, then it appears a close friend will go great lengths to help you on a matter that has stymied you. 

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)
If you are serious about getting ahead in your career, the full moon of February 3 will bring news so outstanding, it may seem like a miracle. A woman appears to be highly instrumental in your getting this opportunity or issuing you praises, so keep your ears open so you can trace back to the person who spoke up for you and who believes in you. With Uranus involved, developments will come as a complete surprise - you may feel that all this just magically landed in your lap. This full moon will be the finest of 2015. The position that you will be discussing will be prestigious and bring you the kind of financial security that you've only dreamed about and wondered if would ever happen.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)
February will be tailor made for you, full of delicious aspects, and brim with lots of activity. Working on a broad, international scale is so very important to you that it is practically printed into your DNA. You are not called the travel sign for no reason! This month you will be able to extend your reach as far as you like, and if you are working on a deal overseas, feel confident that VIPs will respond enthusiastically to your ideas. The full moon, February 3, will crystalize an exciting matter that will involve travel, academia, the media, or a legal matter. If travel is accented it will likely involve people or places abroad or at a far distance from your base. Watch for an influential, experienced woman to go to go out of her way on your behalf.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)
You may be celebrating soon after the full moon of February 3 appears in your financial house. It looks like a very generous check or valuable gift will be coming your way within four days of this date. Monetary news that you never expected to hear may have to do with a mortgage, home improvement loan, or line of credit. Or you may hear sudden news that money will come from a different source, rather than a bank, from your company, in terms of a bonus, large commission or valuable benefits, like a fine health insurance policy. Alternatively, you may receive an insurance payout or outright cash gift from a woman relative, most likely your mother. The amount is likely to be hefty, thanks to the proximity of Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, to the full moon. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Love Don't Cost A Thing

Under $50

I can't believe it is February - it seems like this year is already flying by. Lately, we've all been experiencing a bit of a weather funk with snow storm after snow storm and temperatures dropping to bone chilling degrees. Luckily, February helps us snap out of it with the treat of the infamous Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day. Whether you are grabbing something for that special someone or treating yourself to something fabulous ('cause you deserve it), it's always nice to show your love with a small token of appreciation. I've rounded up my top ten picks with gifts all under $50. Happy Shopping!

5. Valentine Card, $3.50

6. Soft Bra, $45

7. Love Letter Trays, $24-$29

9. Heart Coin Purse, $12.90

Monday, February 2, 2015


Garrett Born of the band Børns, hails from Grand Haven, Michigan, where his love of songwriting began at an early age. After all, he was the "hired" entertainment whenever his parents would throw a party. Coming up with songs on the piano on the spot.  The power of the song had such an impact on his life that he continued to pursue music thereafter. 

Since then, he moved to California to get inspired and a romantic, groovy, indie-funk, and psychedelic-pop sound was born. He currently resides in the backyard of a family's home in a tree house. Yes, you heard me correctly, a tree house. He's a little quirky and a little strange, but there is no denying that his eclectic sound will be all over the charts in 2015. Take a listen below and see for yourself.