Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Iconic Halloween

Feast your eyes on the most adorable Halloween costumes to date. Head on over to the geniuses at the party blog Oh Happy Day, and see what their creative team has conjured up for the kiddies. Inspired by the worlds best fashion icons (and we all know how I love my fashion icons, like Andre Leon Talley), these costumes are the ultimate.

Each costume comes with a step-by step tutorial on how to achieve fashionista perfection. Even if you don't have kids, there is no reason why you couldn't tackle these pint-sized costumes for yourself. So if you are still strapped for a last minute costume, I think you should seriously consider opting for Iris Apfel. How awesome is that costume? Which one is your favorite?

English editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine

A former model and the creative director of American Vogue magazine

An American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon

Head Designer/Creative Director for Chanel, as well as the Italian brand Fendi, & his own label

Monday, October 28, 2013

The 1975

The 1975 are an alt-rock band hailing all the way from Manchester, England. They've got a slightly Californian sound with hints of synth as well as classic guitars, bass and drums to round out their asthetic. Their single "Heart Out" has something for everyone, a combination of French pop with sounds similar to College and The Phoenix, with elements of the Eurythmics. The chorus is anthemic and harmony-filled, which is two things that The 1975 have mastered with ease. Check it out below and tell me what you think.

Friday, October 25, 2013

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Last week, one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, featured an awesome post titled
8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have which was inspired by the Thought Catalogue. I thought I would join in on the fun and answer with my own thoughts. 

1. A Go-To Drink
I am the biggest fan of Jalapeno Margaritas, or just spicy cocktails in general, especially after a long week of work. It usually is a rarity at most bars, but it can be found on the menu at my favorite restaurants. I'd opt for this eccentric beverage overall a glass of vino any day.

2. A Go-To Karaoke Song
Celion Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
It is a crowd favorite every single time.

3. A Uniform
For those that know me, they know me by my signature look. It can be defined by the following things: My awesome big frame glasses, an outfit from either J.Crew or Madewell or a combination of both, and a love for crazy, colorful, patterned socks.

4. A Hair Stylist They Love
His name is Christian Durr and he has been cutting my hair since 2009. He did my infamous chop at the beginning of the New Year. I've followed him from salon to salon and he is simply the best. Book your appointment today @ Soon Beauty Lab in Carroll Gardens.

5. An Exercise Routine
Whether I'm on the treadmill, out in Central Park, or on the course during a half marathon, running is my vice and my favorite type of exercise routine.

6. A Hobby
I love to decorate. My bachelorette pad was my special project at the start 2013 and it continues to inspire me each and every day. I've enjoyed hunting for special gems to make my apartment truly unique and feel like the best home a girl can ask for. If I ever decide that I've had enough with corporate america, maybe this is new career path to embrace.

7. A Best Friend
Whether we are family, we met during childhood, roamed the halls of HBHS, got the 'cuse connection, bonded over our love uptown, met at Macy's, or embraced our 20s together - you all hold a very special place in my heart and I couldn't imagine my life without all of you each and every day.

8. A Healthy Sense of Self
I know I'm not perfect. 2013 has been all about sole searching and discovering who I am and the woman I want to be. I've fully embraced being me this year and learning a lot about myself. I loved creating my own manifesto back in March and I turn to it often to continue to reflect on how to maintain a healthy sense of self. After all, don't let anyone dull your sparkle.   

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wardrobe Provided by: Troop Beverly Hills

Before Jenny Lewis' records were playing in all the hipster households, she starred in quite possibly the best 80's cult classic movie ever Troop Beverly Hills. If you have been living under a rock/ unfamiliar with the movie, it's the story of a Beverly Hills housewife, who is in the middle of a divorce, and tries to find focus in her life by taking over her daughter Hannah's Wilderness Girl troop. Besides the movie being so awesome, it also has quite a famous cast, including Shelly Long, Tori Spelling, that random chick from Small Wonder, etc. Halloween is just around the corner and if you are still in need of a Halloween costume, why not be a Wilderness Girl. Check out my costume finds below which are inspired by this classic film.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Big Deal

It is kind of a big deal to name your band Big Deal, but not if you are Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe. I was instantly hooked by this amazing London based duo when I heard their single Dream Machines.  According to some reviews, their second LP, June Gloom, is a bit of a departure from their first album. There is now a full band, and their is a relaxing dreamy type feel/haze over their sound. Call it dream pop if you will. Either way, I like their sound and I am interested to hear the rest of their tunes. Check out their single below. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sensational Sweaters

Top Row: Leopard Sweater // Horsing Around Sweatshirt // Embellished Cashmere Sweater // Softstripe Sweater
Middle Row: Heart Cardigan // Long Jacquard Cardigan // Cardigan with Sheet Sleeves // Letterman Cardigan // Star Intarsia-Knit Cardigan
Bottom Row: Patterned Wool Turtleneck // Striped Turtleneck // Foil-Print Cotton Turtleneck // Tri-Color Turtleneck

Oh how I love sweater weather. For Fall's crisp temperatures, an arsenal of pullovers, cardigans, turtlenecks are in order. All three silhouettes are perfect layering pieces overtop a t-shirt or a classic button-down shirt. A button-down paired with a crew neck sweater plus blazer is my go-to ensemble for the Fall. It keeps me warm and of course looking preppy chic - either at the office or walking around the UWS on the weekends. I will be loading up on a plethora of sweaters this season, especially over at Madewell. They always make the best and most affordable pieces.  I will still be dreaming for the Heart Cardigan from Burberry Prorsum or the Star Intarsia-Knit from Saint Laurent. Which sweater have you got your eye on?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Miley Cyrus

Oh Miley! That VMA performance was a total train wreck, your engagement was just called off, and all of your recent styling choices have been hot messes - your life is spinning out of control. However, your new album Bangerz is top notch. It is her 4th studio album and her best work yet. Her singles See You Again and Party in the USA will always hold a special place in my heart, but they are complete departures from this album, which integrates elements of hip hop, synth-pop and country.

When asked recently on the Ellen DeGeneres Show if any songs on the album were inspired by her relationship with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus replied "the whole album is a story of that and I think it says that starting with Adore You and ending with Someone Else....I think I knew more intuitively where my life was going than I actually thought I did at the time." Watch out Swift, there is a new story teller on the block these days.

Check out my favorite two songs off the album below. You hooked?

Maybe You're Right
Someone Else

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Andre Leon Talley

Lately one of my favorite evenings devoted to fashion has been spent at the 92Y with Fern Mallis. She hosts a series called "Fashion Icons" and conducts a two hour interview with some of the top industry players. I have seen some fabulous people including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Vera WangOscar de la Renta and last night I saw the infamous Andre Leon Talley.

For those unfamiliar with Talley, he is the former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine, and he is also known as Anna Wintour's right hand man or based off of the character Nigel in the novel/movie The Devil Wears Prada.

Check out 5 fun facts from my evening below, that I wanted to share with all of you. You can catch the rest on twitter. If you are interested in the Fashion Icon series, Kenneth Cole is up to bat next on Dec 11 at 8pm. 


1. Talley is not a fan of social media. He does not do Facebook or Instagram. He seldom tweets, but joined Twitter because Diane Von Furstenberg said he had to.

2. Talley on Anna Wintour: "The first thing I learned from her was to be quick, make a decision and stick with it. Also never conduct a meeting that is more than an hour."

3. If he could wear one designer for a year it would be Tom Ford because his clothes make you feel sexy.

4. He is also a very well educated man. He earned his undergraduate degree in French from North Carolina Central University and a Masters Degree in French Literature from Brown University. 

5. Talley owns hundreds of caftans. If Marc Jacobs can wear a lace dress, then he thought he could wear caftans.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I get seriously mad for plaid when it turns into Fall. Just when I think that the Fashion industry is going to hang up the tartan craze, the pattern seems to always have a dominant presence post Summer. Perhaps it's because fashion is having a major throwback to the 90s era or because New Yorkers are still dreaming about the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the MET.  Either way, plaid is here to stay. Let's face it, the pattern looks great on just about anyone - men, women, babies, and even accessories. I love all of the above silhouettes including the adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. I've got major plaidtude this season, do you?

This post has been submitted as an entry to IFB Project #115: Attitude of Plaiditude