Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PUNK: Chaos to Couture

This past Saturday I spent the day being fashionably cultured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" exhibit. I always look forward to the fashion exhibits in the summer time at the MET. While nothing can beat the Alexander McQueen exhibit two years ago, this one might have come in a close second.

The exhibit is an origin story of punk's most enduring contribution to our cultural landscape. Punks were not only recreating their own fashions - they were also breaking down the barriers between the production and consumption. In a bizarre twist of fate, their do-it-yourself ethos have become the future of the "not future." A fun fact that I learned from the exhibit was that what people think of as punk style really dressing up with different color hair and all - started in the UK.

Not quite sure how I was able to snap these photos, but I got some beauties. Take a sneak peek inside the world of PUNK. Which designer is your favorite?

{Burberry - Spring/Summer 2013}

{Vivienne Westwood - Seditionaries 19976-1980, "Save the Queen" t-shirt worn by Janet Street-Porter}

{John Galliano - Spring/Summer 2001: dress made out of raffia, newspaper, and scotch tape}

{Left: Alexander McQueen - Spring/Summer 1999}
{Right: Vivienne Westwood - Spring/Summer 2007}

{Commes des Garcons - Spring/Summer 2013}

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