Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Hues

Summer Hues

Lately, I've been all about the neutral nail, but adding a fun pop of color on my toes. Essie just unleashed their inner beach goddess with their amazing Summer 2015 collection inspired by endless Summer fun. It looks like I may have to change my nail game, because these colors rock.
The palette gets everyone into the groove with an array of fabulous shades. Pair your favorite Summer shade with some matching accessories for the ultimate look.

According to Essie, it's a hue that is all things "Pristine and pretty. Sparkling and crisp. Infused with subtle shimmer, this radiant white is a lovely luxe getaway from the everyday." Grab this watch and these sandals for the ultimate look.

Essie recommends this shade as "totally. chill. out. cold and refreshing. This pretty, frozen cream pistachio color sends shivers down your spine." Complete your outfit with this Iphone case and dazzling pouch.

Essie says it's "sweet. gorgeous. hot. This sun-ripe peach tempts every sense with freshly-picked beauty." Beauty goes along way especially with these earrings and crossbody.

Essie turns up the heat with this hue and claims "when the sun sinks low, kick off the evening in the height of cool: an opulent sneaker and this vibrant crimson red." Pair it with these kicks and earrings.

Something borrowed and definitely something blue - a color for every Summer bride. Essie states it's "soft and inviting, nothing says Summer on the ocean like this sugar-sweet atlantic blue that stretches on and on." Match your look with these ballerina flats and statement necklace.

Essie asks, are you "ready to suit up? Snap up Summer's chicest accessories - a surfboard and this immersive marine blue - and hit the waves in style. And if surfing isn't your sport rock the shade in style with this awesome shades and fantastic bucket bag.

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