Friday, February 19, 2016

Dare to Decorate: August Morgan

For this month's Dare to Decorate installment, I bring you Kate Hersch, the brains and beauty behind the adorable needlepoint napkin line of August Morgan. What started as a mere obsession with vintage needle point pillows, has evolved into an incredible budding empire for this mother of two. She produces a delightful line of hand-embroidered linen cocktail napkins that are perfect for any and all occasions. Your drink and/or appetizer should always be resting on a whimsical napkin afterall.
Take a peak at my top 8 favorite designs and then head on over to the website to gush over a handful of more fantastic options.

1. Red, White, and Blue Overserved Cocktail Napkin

2. Tipsy Longhorn Cocktail Napkin

3. Whino Cocktail Napkin

4. Make Mine A Double Cocktail Napkin

5. Croc-tails Cocktail Napkin

7. Golden Retriever Cocktail Napkin

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