Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dare to Decorate: Leif

Each month, I will be launching a new series called "Dare to Decorate" which will feature my latest home decor obsession. For my first installment I am featuring the cutest little website/store called LEIF. This gem of a company was founded in 2011 by Stacy Anne Longenecker and it is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Longenecker states she has "come to notice that the smallest thing can inspire and enrich your daily life, whether it be a crisp new set of thank you notes, a beautiful mug for coffee or tea, stocking your bathroom with scented soap in a pretty glass bottle, or a colorful vase on display in a most frequented room." LEIF was born based on Longenecker presenting the most special, beautiful things that add unique touch to day-to day living. 

This little store is stocked with the most adorable trinkets for your home that are not only colorful and eclectic, but all at affordable prices. Check out the top 9 things (majority under $100) that I would love to add to my apartment and/or mix into my everyday life. What do you have your eye on?

6. Dash Planter, $60

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ryan Adams

To say that I was obsessed with Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swift's album 1989, would be an understatement. I haven't been able to stop listening since it's debut last week. It was on full repeat this weekend and there are no signs of me turning it off anytime soon.

Adams makes it very clear that he considers Swifty a peer, he in fact forges a deeper emotional connection to her songs. He recharges her work and suddenly her vulnerable and brave songs are reborn with an alt-country Adams spin. Haters gonna hate, but this album is pure gold. Don't shake it off just yet, take a listen to my favorite songs below.

Friday, September 18, 2015

NY Fashion Week Round Up - Spring 2016

One of the best birthday presents is the gift of New York Fashion Week and the new runway collections from all my favorite designers. The internet and have been all a buzz with gorgeous silhouettes and prints - getting everyone excited for Spring 2016. Each season, I always try to capture the specific collections that really catch my eye and the collections that stand out among the crowd with different and innovative ideas. I love a good round up and thought I'd share my favorites from this past week. Which designers caught your eye?


"It all stemmed from the idea of colorful hot air balloons over the Savannah." said Whitney Pozgay during her Spring 2016 presentation. The end result was incredibly playful and a collection full of pieces that every girl is dying to get her hands on (myself included). There was something for everyone, whether in voluminous shapes and/or African inspired prints, hand-painted stripes or raffia-fringed skirts. 

B A N A N A  R E P U B L I C

Step aside J.Crew there is a new powerhouse brand in town and it goes by the name of Banana Republic. With a new creative director in play, the effervescent Marissa Webb, the brand has an amazing new direction with revamped patterns and textures for both womenswear and menswear. This season, Webb packed a powerful punch with her elective palette of fun patterns and separates. For a brand that was very dated, it suddenly has become chic and cool again.

F R A M E  D E N I M

Frame Denim was surprisingly anything but denim this Spring season, in fact, there weren't many bottoms at all. Cofounder Jens Grede said, "The new pant is no pant. Or is it the Emperor's New Pants?" The collection aesthetic was Americana meets the 70s French riviera. New washes, new cuts, new styles of denim infused with shirts, trousers in suede and leather and even swimwear. Maybe the emperor has a few clothes in his closet after all.

J I L  S A N D E R  N A V Y

This season my eyes were on Jil Sander Navy. References to Henri Matisse's bright colors and patterns had me wanting every piece and adding it to my Spring wardrobe. The label kicked up the cool factor to all of its basic silhouettes by enhancing skirts and shirts with peplums and sleeves with ruffles and puffs.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Justin Bieber

On the eve of my 31st birthday, I've got a confession to make - I'm a Biebliever. There I said it, I'm a fan of Justin Bieber. Say what you want about the rambunctious, 21 year old Canadian, but boy can sing and he can do it damn well. He's had quite the last few weeks since debuting his new single "What Do You Mean" on the VMAs and it looks like there is no stopping his career now.

If this single is any indication of the awesomeness of his next album, then I can't wait to see what else is in store. Even acoustic, my inner 12 year old is giddy. Take a listen below and see for yourself.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Shopping List 2015

Fall Shopping List
Well folks, I hate to admit it, but I'm officially over my Summer wardrobe. I am ready to fully embrace Fall and leave my flip flops behind (for now). This always tends to happen right around my birthday, the itch to go shopping for a new wardrobe. I plan on hitting up a few stores this weekend and searching the web to pick up a few items to rotate into my closet for the season. I put together the ultimate shopping list for Fall 2015 with my top 8 items/trends to get after. Anything you've got your eye on this Fall?

Grab a touch of aristocracy this Fall and you will be channeling your favorite character from Downtown Abbey. This beautiful white ornately flocked high neckline,blouse is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. It's a classic 19th-century silhouette that is making a comeback in the 21st-century.

Move over skinny, it is all about the wide leg this season. It's an ideal way to refresh your closet and change into something fun and voguish. These pants are paired best with a fitted jacket and/or a pair of platforms. Suddenly it is no longer 2015, but 1975.

There are three words to describe the blanket scarf and that is huge, comfortable and cuddly. The scarf, just as the name implies is so large that it can be used as a blanket. It is a great versatile trend and one that I will be fully embracing this Fall.  How do you wear your blanket scarf?

It is time to step aside stilettos and pumps, because the loafer is back and better than ever before in Fall 2015. Naturally, I can't wait to add the essential shoe to my Fall trend mix. It's about time I gave my heels a rest, but can still make quite a statement with these eye-popping platform loafers. The tassle detail also gives it a little extra flair. I've got to get my hands on these bad boys from Grenson.


This Summer I went back to school and took classes at NYU and I am headed back again this Fall to complete my certificate. I am so excited that the "It" bag for the season is the backpack. It's made my transition of going back to school even more stylish. This elevated Jansport from Madewell has me giddy for school to begin in a few short weeks.

The 70's trend is swinging into Fall 2015 and the suede skirt is my favorite part about this decade's comeback. Whether you chose a mini or a midi length, the luxe material (real or faux) can make any outfit instantly more fashionable. For one thing, you can style it with just about anything in your wardrobe from now until next Summer. It's great for the office, date night, or running errands on Saturday, it is your new winning piece in your closet.

7. FUR
Designers are using fur accents to give silky evening-wear to lady-like jackets and added bonus of luxury. It is an added bonus that fur can also be the winter equivalent of a statement necklace. It can not only guarantee to get you noticed, but to keep you warm as well.

The last few seasons have been all about a resurgence of the 90s, but this Fall and seasons to come are set to be a throwback to the 70s. Classic boho shapes and fabrics - bell sleeves, flared jeans, fringed everything, and floral patterns are a few silhouettes and prints to hop on the trend bandwagon. All you need to know, is that everyone will be wearing it for Fall 2015, so get on it!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe it is Labor Day weekend. Which means, Summer is officially over folks! I know I always say this, but Summer really flew by this year. It was spent mostly traveling, partaking in a new adventure at NYU, and laughing with family and close friends. All and all, it was a pretty fabulous Summer.

I am really looking forward to the Fall and putting away my sandals and sleeveless tops, in exchange for booties, dresses with tights, and beanies. But before we can embrace the cooler weather and my birthday, we've got one more weekend of Summer in the books to enjoy. I will be celebrating locally in style at Alison and Jon's Wedding. One final wedding of the season and I can't wait to dance it up (jazz hands) with all my sisters (AZD what?). #Sfoxywedding watch out!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! How are you ringing in the end of Summer?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Horoscopes for September 2015


Well, it's officially September. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo's. I always look forward to September, not just because my birthday is less than two weeks away (who's counting), but because the weather finally breaks. It's time to dust of your coats and get ready for all things Fall - hello Pumpkin Spice everything!! Check out your monthly horoscope courtesy of Susan Miller from Astrology Zone. There are predictions for each sign below from her and then head on over to get the full scoop from her website for the month of September. ENJOY!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)
Streamlining your finances will be top of mind as you begin September. You seem to have been doing exceedingly well, a fact that likely became obvious at the end of August, and your good fortune and burgeoning prosperity may now trigger a complete review of investments as well as the appropriation of funds for various goals. Your new emphasis on money will be underscored at the new moon solar eclipse September 12-13, when more cash is very likely to find you, and again you will have to decide how to manage it.

PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)
This will be an extraordinary month to be a Pisces. On September 1-2, Venus and Leo will have a rare meeting in your sixth house of work assignments, suggesting that a new, lucrative project will come up to have you show off your talents in a new and very effective way. Mars will remain in this area until September 24, so with Mars stirring the pot, you are likely to have more than enough projects to keep you motivated and your cash flow strong. Much of the action in your chart will also focus on your impending commitment to someone you hold dear, and the joy in coming together must be sweet. 

ARIES (March 21-April 19)
Venus and Mars, considered the cosmic lovers when together, will make a rare link in the velvet blue night sky in Leo on September 1-2, possibly marking a momentous occasion for you. Mars has been chasing Venus around the twelve constellations since these two sweethearts last met - these are the cosmic lovers, so they adore being together. They are planning their rendezvous in your fifth house of true love as soon as September takes off. This is no small event - the last time next these two planets linked in your solar house of true love, it was June 23, 1991, and the next time in the future will be July 13, 2021. 

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
Your romantic life is improving by the hour, and you may have seen evidence of a resurgence of the power of love last month when good fortune planet Jupiter entered Virgo and your solar fifth house of love for a nearly thirteen-month stay. This development is extraordinary because over the past two years, a relationship seems to have given you pause, making you wonder if the two of you were meant to be together. Admittedly, you might not have been thinking of a romantic tie, but a business one. No matter - the situation was volatile and made you wonder if you could ever expect loyalty and support from this person. 

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The end of August might have brought you joyous news in regard to your home, other property, or a family member. All that happened then will continue and intensify as you enter September. Keep your eye on home as an area of considerable luck in the coming twelve months - it's the part of your chart that is shining brightest. Although you will have an entire twelve months from now for home-related good fortune, Mars will make a rare appearance in your home sector from September 24 to November 12 to help you materialize your dream quickly.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Lots of cosmic energy in your travel house suggests you'll be heading to the airport as you enter September to enjoy sunshine and fresh air. If you can go in the first week, choose a scenic spot near water, for Neptune, ruling the sea, will be quite prominent. You've been working exceptionally hard lately, so a change of scene would do you a world of good. If you need a car, buy it in the first week, as Mercury is about to go retrograde September 17 to October 9, not a good time to acquire any electronic product or machine with moving parts.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)
Jupiter departed from Leo last month, transferring the title of celestial favorite to Virgo, but there is no reason to be blue. You will now start your most rewarding financial period you have ever seen. There was a good chance that you have already seen evidence of your coming financial bounty at some point in the last week of August, but if not, this month will be especially strong. This represents a trend that will continue a full year, until September 2016.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22)
How wonderful to be a Virgo! Jupiter is now visiting your sign and will be there for the coming twelve months. You waited twelve years for this privilege. Late last month, you had an important new moon in your marriage and commitment house, so as you enter September, you may still be considering a possible commitment you will make soon. Neptune was prominent at that new moon, an indication that you should know the person very well before entering into any contractual agreement - important pieces of information may be missing that you would need to have before making an informed decision.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)
A personal or career project that fully engaged your imagination is now being wrapped up and is about to bring you a considerable feeling of pride - and justifiably so. You may be involved in sending off the assignment as September opens, and it appears you may be ready for another creative project, possibly involving your decor at home. If so, this would come thanks to the solar eclipse on September 12-13. One of your friends would be willing to help advise you on any question that may come up, a truth you will notice the moment the eclipse arrives.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)
If you were a stock on the Stock Exchange, the evening news anchor would be reporting that your stock is currently climbing through the roof. Your outlook is positively spectacular and everyone, of every sign, probably wants to be you. Your career has been going gangbusters, and now, with the meeting of Mars and Venus in your tenth house of fame and honors, you will be even MORE popular with VIPs and subordinates than before the month began. You are hitting one home run after another at work, dear Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)
When it comes to career, news is about to become so exciting that you may feel as though you fell into a parallel universe, where every career wish you have ever imagined for yourself is now being granted by the wish fairy. Your ruler, good fortune Jupiter, has now moved into a brilliant position, at the very top of your chart, and is still orbiting close to the Sun. You may have seen just how rewarding your career was to become at the end of August, and as you enter September, events will unfold that will demonstrate just how dearly you are appreciated by your industry and by those who rely on your sound judgment and creativity.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)
You are excited about taking off on your magic carpet to experience the sounds, tastes, colors, and scents of new cities, towns, and hamlets, very possibly based abroad. You may have started to travel in late August, and as September dawns, you see no reason to stop and return home - not yet anyway. You are under superb planetary vibrations for all topics international. You may be getting ready to study abroad, or may be applying for a grant to conduct a research project in a foreign country. If you are dealing with an immigration issue, such as for a visa, green card, or passport, you are closer to success than you may have assumed.