Monday, September 29, 2014

Rostam Batmanglij

Guys, I've got a problem. I can't stop thinking about the show I saw last Monday - "This Is Our Youth" starring my very popular boyfriend Michael Cera. The set alone was just magical and everyone who starred in it was just fantastic. My girlfriend Ali and I had great seats at $40 a pop (who can beat that for a Broadway show?). I kind of want to go again - it runs till Jan 4th. Any takers?

My typical Broadway favorites always include big production numbers with catchy tunes, so it was a nice surprise to be just as enamored with this straight play, all songs aside. Before the play begin, the audience did get a special treat with some original music by Rostam Batmanglij of "Vampire Weekend" fame. 

His beautifully crafted two minute tune is entirely constructed with just simple piano keys. Living on the Upper West Side while attending Columbia, he spent his early 20's studying piano and perfecting his art. He wanted to bring an aspect of his youth to the stage and I think it fits in just perfectly. Take a listen below.

Upper West Side, 1982 - Rostam Batmanglij

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