Monday, March 21, 2016

Maren Morris

I'm usually not that big a fan of country music, unless we're talking about old school Taylor Swift or the Dixie Chicks. But let's be honest,Swift's Tear Drops on my Guitar, is a little bit country and a little bit pop, which makes it the best mixture.

The other week one of my best friend's Virginia introduced me to Maren Morris and suddenly my perception of country music completely changed. Her gospel twang had me instantaneously and the strum of her guitar kept me smiling all the way through her three minute and thirty second infectious tune My Church. See for yourself below, and then add this jam to your Spring playlist immediately.

Friday, March 18, 2016


A trend from the 1960's is having a major moment in the spotlight these days - enamel/lapel pins. Not only are they fun, cheap, temporary, they are also collectible. The movement is primarily dominated by indie companies, but there are some larger retailers who have decided to cash in on the trend. It is a great way to dress up your favorite jacket, collar of your shirt, and/or even handbag. The best part about all of it, is that all styles are usually under $12. Now that is an affordable trend that I can certainly get behind. I mean who doesn't want to wear a 90's Leonardo Dicaprio on their sleeve? See my top picks below and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments section.

Gem Pin, Big Bud Press $15

Blow Me Enamel Pin, Penelope Gazin $12

Polaroid Lapel Pin, These Are Things $10

BFF Emoji Pin Blonde, Valley Cruise Press $9

Memorex Memories, Joeepropa Goods, $10

90's Leonardo Dicaprio Pin, Rose Hound Apparel $6

Hot Sauce Lapel Pin, Lil Bullies $9

Heart Lolli Pin Cherry, Tuesday Bassin $10

Unicorn Pinata Hard Enamel Cloisonne Lapel Pin, Shopluellatx $11

New York Postcard Pin, Valley Cruise Press $10

Pop Tart Enamel Pin, YesterdaysCo $10

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nautical Nature

Last week was such a tease when it came to the weather. I was so excited to trickle in some of my favorite Spring pieces from my closet and enjoy outside park runs and beverages with friends. And, now, it's rainy, cold, and I'm stuck inside behind my computer daydreaming of my next vacation and/or warmer temperatures (which seems like a lifetime away). 

This calls for a fashionably-minded daydream and I have got the perfect handful of goods for you. The Spring season always has us in the maritime mindset, and these yacht life pieces have me "all on-board" for an appropriately fresh ensemble. Whether it's a fun accessory for your wardrobe or a nautical home decor item, you'll be ready to sail in no time no matter the occasion. 

1. Ahoy Pug Art Print, Papyrus, $14.95

2. Blue Nautical with Ship's Rope Pillow, ShipsAhoy $34.30

3. White Ceramic Whale Ring Holder, Ebay $7

4. Micro Crab Butterfly Bow Tie, $55

5. Sterling Silver Sideways Anchor Necklace, La Preciosa $21.14 (on sale)

6. Customized Mugs, Zazzle $16.85

7. Sailor Striped Raincoat, Petit Bateua $176 (on sale)

8. School of Fish Sheet Set, Lolli Living $79.99-$99.99

9. Bahama Washed Canvas Sneaker, Sperry $60

Monday, March 14, 2016


The first time Robert Schwartzman probably stole your heart was playing Anne Hathaway's love interest in a little movie titled The Princess Diaries. But before he was making his acting debut, he was the frontman behind your favorite west coast power pop band Rooney. It's been roughly six years since we've heard from the band, but as they say, great music is usually worth the wait. 

Fret no more my friends, cause the band is back, and will shortly release a self-written, self-produced album called Washed Away. Their lead single "My Heart Beats 4 U" is an infectious anthem that will have you smitten all over again with Schwartzman's vocal chops. Give it a spin below and be cautious of an extra pep in that Spring step once the track ends. 

the band is back and will shortly release a self-written and self-produced record called Washed Away. They were gracious enough to share the lead single “My Heart Beats 4 U,” and it’s so incredibly catchy, we’re smitten and turning the tables on Rooney. No, it’s our hearts that beat for you. It’s anthemic, and was constructed that way on purpose. Schwartzman says of the track, “I go to a lot of sporting events, and there’s that sort of  ‘We Will Rock You’ kind of beat to this song.” Indeed, though here we hear a peppier, warmer tone that feels like it would be right at home backing the culminating scene in a teen romance movie
Listen to “My Heart Beats 4 U” on Spotify, and prepare to be Washed Away on May 6 when the album comes out via Beachwood Park Music. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring To Do List

New Yorkers were spoiled this Winter as temperatures didn't drop too low and we didn't experience THAT much snow. But after a few months of zipping up your puffy coat, the routine seems to get a bit old and everyone is dying for warmer temperatures. If this week is any indication that Spring is on it's way soon, then it is time to get excited to lock up your parka and bust out your sandals. I recently started jotting dow a handful of things that I wanted to do this Spring and I thought I'd share with all of you. Share your Spring activities to add to the list, leave it in the comments below!

Spruce up your space:
  • Buy a house plant. I am definitely not a girl with a green thumb (thanks Karen). A little plant can do wonders to a room. Consider investing in a small succulent. West Elm's got the perfect terrariums to store your new green friend. 
  • Clean out closet. Call me crazy, but Spring cleaning is one of my favorite activities. It's always good to purge, especially when you haven't worn something in ages. Once your closet is clean, then go pick up a handful of huggable hangers by the infamous Joy Mangano. These bad boys will double or even triple your closet space, making room for all your new Spring wardrobe essentials.

    Seasonal adventures with friends:
    • Plan a picnic with the squad. Now that the weather is warmer, the weekends should be spent mostly outside in the sunshine with laughter and close friends. I plan on orchestrating multiple Central Park picnics. Don't forget the essentials - cheese, berries, a baguette or two, and a bottle of rosé. Plus an adorable picnic basket should not be left out of the equation. 
    • Host an apartment soiree. It's been ages since I've hosted a gathering at my apartment.  It's a great excuse to try out a new recipe or mix up a fun cocktail (it's tradition after all). I'm looking at these for inspiration starters - Three-Cheese Mini Macs and The Spice of Life.
    • Score tickets to Hamilton. While I do realize that this activity is a long shot, a girl can dream, right? Plus, thanks to the virtual lottery, I can submit daily (from the comforts of my desk/couch) and hopefully make my dream become a reality. Fingers and toes are crossed!! 
    Spring excursions:
    • Escape the city for the day. This Fall, Elana hosted a hike in Doodletown, New York and it was an absolute blast. It wasn't too far outside of the city, but it was an incredible day full of adventure, exercise and site seeing. I would love to do something similar this Spring. Escaping the concrete jungle for the day is something I need to do more often. 

    Wednesday, March 9, 2016

    Neutral Palette

    This weathers got me like whoa. With climates rising, there can be no turning back now Winter. This week, my Spring wardrobe has finally seen a resurgence and I couldn't be happier. As we begin to embrace the warmer season, the best color to transition with is a neutral tone. From nail polish, to sunnies, to an adorable pair of kicks, I am in dire need of all top 9 silhouettes for my closet this Spring. The best thing about all of these pieces is that they can be warn not just this Spring, but all year round. Get after it ladies, you can thank me later.

    1. 'Florentin' 54mm Retro Sunglasses, TOMS $78

    2. Double Up Sparkle Suede Sneakers, KEDS $29.95 (On Sale)

    3. Leo Clutch, Rebecca Minkoff $95

    4. Perforated Wyatt Slingback Sandals, Rag & Bone $495

    5. Pretty Asymmetrical Flap Skirt, Chicwish $36.47 (On Sale)

    6. Chain Detail Joey Baseball Hat, Eugenia Kim $144

    7. Jana Sandal, Rebecca Minkoff $98

    8. Slake Silk Bracelet, Swaroski $69

    9. All Eyes on Nude Nail Polish, Essie $8.50

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    Frances Valentine

    {Images: Frances Valentine}

    My favorite designer Kate Spade has just launched a brand new line titled Frances ValentineThink the origins of her once namesake brand, but on a richer, more lavish, luxurious scale. It's bright, colorful, unique in detail, and definitely something to keep your eye out for. This line will be priced on a slightly higher scale, but with all the intricate and architectural details, the steeper price point is  much warranted.

    Similar to how the Kate Spade brand launched, France Valentine Spring 2016 collection starts with everyone's favorite accessories - shoes and handbags. And when we head into Fall, other categories will begin to emerge. Their Instagram feed has been blowing up with inspirational pics showcasing travel, vintage portraits, and of course the brands jaw-dropping shoes and handbags. Take a look for yourself, what do you think?

    {Images: Frances Valentine}

    Are you in love yet? If so, head on over to the company's website to shop. If you want to gawk over the amazingness in person, head on over to your local Bloomingdale's store to check out the merchandise. 

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