Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring To Do List

New Yorkers were spoiled this Winter as temperatures didn't drop too low and we didn't experience THAT much snow. But after a few months of zipping up your puffy coat, the routine seems to get a bit old and everyone is dying for warmer temperatures. If this week is any indication that Spring is on it's way soon, then it is time to get excited to lock up your parka and bust out your sandals. I recently started jotting dow a handful of things that I wanted to do this Spring and I thought I'd share with all of you. Share your Spring activities to add to the list, leave it in the comments below!

Spruce up your space:
  • Buy a house plant. I am definitely not a girl with a green thumb (thanks Karen). A little plant can do wonders to a room. Consider investing in a small succulent. West Elm's got the perfect terrariums to store your new green friend. 
  • Clean out closet. Call me crazy, but Spring cleaning is one of my favorite activities. It's always good to purge, especially when you haven't worn something in ages. Once your closet is clean, then go pick up a handful of huggable hangers by the infamous Joy Mangano. These bad boys will double or even triple your closet space, making room for all your new Spring wardrobe essentials.

    Seasonal adventures with friends:
    • Plan a picnic with the squad. Now that the weather is warmer, the weekends should be spent mostly outside in the sunshine with laughter and close friends. I plan on orchestrating multiple Central Park picnics. Don't forget the essentials - cheese, berries, a baguette or two, and a bottle of rosé. Plus an adorable picnic basket should not be left out of the equation. 
    • Host an apartment soiree. It's been ages since I've hosted a gathering at my apartment.  It's a great excuse to try out a new recipe or mix up a fun cocktail (it's tradition after all). I'm looking at these for inspiration starters - Three-Cheese Mini Macs and The Spice of Life.
    • Score tickets to Hamilton. While I do realize that this activity is a long shot, a girl can dream, right? Plus, thanks to the virtual lottery, I can submit daily (from the comforts of my desk/couch) and hopefully make my dream become a reality. Fingers and toes are crossed!! 
    Spring excursions:
    • Escape the city for the day. This Fall, Elana hosted a hike in Doodletown, New York and it was an absolute blast. It wasn't too far outside of the city, but it was an incredible day full of adventure, exercise and site seeing. I would love to do something similar this Spring. Escaping the concrete jungle for the day is something I need to do more often. 

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