Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nautical Nature

Last week was such a tease when it came to the weather. I was so excited to trickle in some of my favorite Spring pieces from my closet and enjoy outside park runs and beverages with friends. And, now, it's rainy, cold, and I'm stuck inside behind my computer daydreaming of my next vacation and/or warmer temperatures (which seems like a lifetime away). 

This calls for a fashionably-minded daydream and I have got the perfect handful of goods for you. The Spring season always has us in the maritime mindset, and these yacht life pieces have me "all on-board" for an appropriately fresh ensemble. Whether it's a fun accessory for your wardrobe or a nautical home decor item, you'll be ready to sail in no time no matter the occasion. 

1. Ahoy Pug Art Print, Papyrus, $14.95

2. Blue Nautical with Ship's Rope Pillow, ShipsAhoy $34.30

3. White Ceramic Whale Ring Holder, Ebay $7

4. Micro Crab Butterfly Bow Tie, $55

5. Sterling Silver Sideways Anchor Necklace, La Preciosa $21.14 (on sale)

6. Customized Mugs, Zazzle $16.85

7. Sailor Striped Raincoat, Petit Bateua $176 (on sale)

8. School of Fish Sheet Set, Lolli Living $79.99-$99.99

9. Bahama Washed Canvas Sneaker, Sperry $60

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