Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Andre Leon Talley

Lately one of my favorite evenings devoted to fashion has been spent at the 92Y with Fern Mallis. She hosts a series called "Fashion Icons" and conducts a two hour interview with some of the top industry players. I have seen some fabulous people including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Vera WangOscar de la Renta and last night I saw the infamous Andre Leon Talley.

For those unfamiliar with Talley, he is the former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine, and he is also known as Anna Wintour's right hand man or based off of the character Nigel in the novel/movie The Devil Wears Prada.

Check out 5 fun facts from my evening below, that I wanted to share with all of you. You can catch the rest on twitter. If you are interested in the Fashion Icon series, Kenneth Cole is up to bat next on Dec 11 at 8pm. 


1. Talley is not a fan of social media. He does not do Facebook or Instagram. He seldom tweets, but joined Twitter because Diane Von Furstenberg said he had to.

2. Talley on Anna Wintour: "The first thing I learned from her was to be quick, make a decision and stick with it. Also never conduct a meeting that is more than an hour."

3. If he could wear one designer for a year it would be Tom Ford because his clothes make you feel sexy.

4. He is also a very well educated man. He earned his undergraduate degree in French from North Carolina Central University and a Masters Degree in French Literature from Brown University. 

5. Talley owns hundreds of caftans. If Marc Jacobs can wear a lace dress, then he thought he could wear caftans.

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