Friday, September 14, 2012

Run Around Sue

There is no better atmosphere/experience than running the loop in Central Park or laps around the Reservoir on the Upper East Side. Every since I've moved to Brooklyn people always ask me where do I run now that I no longer have the park close to my doorstep. The answer is all over Brooklyn. Josh and I have discovered some great running paths and I would love to share them to my fellow Brooklynites:

1) T h e  W i l l i a m s b u r g  B r i d g e
From our apartment to the Bridge is a little over 4 miles and makes for a fantastic workout. 

P r o s: Running the bridge is a great test of endurance because you have 2 rounds of inclines and declines. If you are training for either a half marathon or a full it can help you practice hill repeats. 

C o n s: Watch out for bikers, slow walkers, and dogs

2) M c C a r r e n  P a r k
From our apartment to McCarren Park and back is about 1 mile. 4 laps around the track is another mile. Depending on how long you want your workout to be, keep repeating 4 laps and before you know it, one could easily tally almost 5 miles in totality.

P r o s: A great regimented run.

C o n s: Although McCarren is a park it is not Central Park. Running around the track and field can be quite boring. 

3) P r o s p e c t  P a r k
A quick 30 min ride on the G train (when it's running) you will arrive at the closet thing to Central Park in Brooklyn - Prospect Park. 1 loop is almost 3.4 miles and a great workout with unbelievable scenery.

P r o s: For days when you would like a longer distance just increase the number of loops in the park and you have yourself quite a workout in store.

C o n s: 1 gradual hill that is .35 miles long and after multiple loops it can be quite brutal to run up it.

So grab your running shoes, hat, and sunblock and I'll see you out there Brooklyn!

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