Monday, August 27, 2012

The Battle of Jack Kelly

I have been talking about wanting to see Disney's Newsies The Musical on Broadway for over a year now and have been waiting somewhat "patiently" to snag a pair of tickets before it closed. A few weeks ago Josh's dad was visiting from Maryland and he thought it would be a fun activity if we all went to go see a Broadway show and my 2012 Broadway checklist was finally completed.

Putting aside the cheese factor of a lot men dancing around in knickerbockers - the musical was fantastic. Christoper Gattelli's Tony Award winning choreography was absolutely spectacular. Before the show began, I quickly read through the Playbill to see if there was anyone in the cast I recognized from a previous show and of course tally how many actors had appeared in a Law & Order episode. The ultimate question I asked myself was who was this actor Jeremy Jordan? And could he stack up against an 18 year old fresh faced Christian Bale? It was the battle of Jack Kelly and who was going to come out on top?

I never thought I would say this, but all hotness aside, Christian Bale's mediocre vocal chops cannot compare to Jeremy Jordan's voice - it was AMAZING. Click on the links below and I'll let you be the judge - who's the better Jack Kelly?



  1. Jordan definitely a better singer, but Bale will always be Jack Kelly in my heart. <3 <3 <3

  2. veto!!!! i vote bale everytime!!

    i love him a fresh faced newsie or a masked super hero!


  3. Everyone knows its the batman...

  4. extra! extra! hey look at the headlines, historical news is being made.. Jordan :)

  5. Bro Christian Bale ALL THE WAYYYYYY!