Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wardrobe Provided by: Teen Witch

{ check out those Adidas }

Before Blake Lively was a household name, there was Robyn Lively her older sister, star of the amazing 80's cult classic movie "Teen Witch". If you a unfamiliar of the movie, it's the story of a nerdy girl who stumbles upon a pendant in theater class that grants her magical powers and she suddenly becomes the most "popular girl" in school. But after she wins the heart of the popular jock Brad and makes a boatload of new friends, she realizes that she shouldn't be cheatin' her way through popularity. I'm pretty sure I watched this movie at least 200 hundred times all throughout my childhood. It was a must have anytime Karen and Steve had a night out on the town. I've got one more Halloween party this weekend and I think I wanna go as Louise Miller. Check out my costume finds below - top that!

Cosmetic Pouch: Kate Spade
Pendant Necklace: Ippolita
Polo: TSP
Skirt: Similar
Girly Socks: American Apparel
Sneakers: Keds
Bike: Electra

Chambray Shirt: Carhart
Black and Red Shirt: Ebay
Pink Tulle Dress: Opulance England
Navy Ruched Dress: J Mendel
Hawaiian Shirt: Paradise Found
Belt: Amazon
Red Skirt: Mossimo 

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