Friday, February 15, 2013

Snail Mail

This past Friday I decided to brave Nemo and head out for a happy hour with Mel and some of her colleague's from Google. I met a girl named Amanda Blake who just moved here recently from California. Last year, Amanda created the "365 Project". In 365 days, she creates 365 postcards and sends to 365 recipients. According to her website, the purpose of this challenge was "to connect a scattered group of strangers through art; to be generous with creativity; to give the excitement of receiving a letter in the mail; to develop [her] creative voice through consistent practice and deadlines" - how awesome does that sound?

Although 365 days have passed, I highly recommended checking out her website because she is still sending postcards. All postcards are free of charge, her only request is that you send one back in return. Check out some of my favorite designs. I just may have to request a few for my new apartment.

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