Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Military Chic

Top: Dress // Cape // Equipment Blouse // Adidas Loafers
Middle: Iphone Case  // T-Shirt // One Piece Swimsuit
Bottom: Skinny Jeans // Cut-Off Shorts // Loafers //  Sweater // Backpack

Another major trend this Spring season is camouflage or as I like to refer to it as "military chic". For the last couple of years, the camo print has popped up on the runway quite often. Originally, one could only find the print in a pant silhouette, but now so many designers are embracing the trend and developing the print in many different garments and accessories. How awesome is the cape from Marc by Marc Jacobs? Or the adorable backpack by Herschel? The trend has definitely evolved over time and isn't just a print for men, but now for women too. Which is your favorite silhouette?

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