Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mrs. Butternuts

I have always had an obsession with sock monkeys - they are just so cute and make me smile. The other day my girlfriend Becky shared the most amazing sock monkey gracing the internet. Meet Mrs. Butternuts.

{Mrs. Butternuts - Wife and mother of three. Livin' the dream. Sort of}

She is quirky and sassy. She's got a family and tons of friends. She is featured in small vignettes and already making adults and children laugh all around the world. So who is behind Mrs. Butternuts? The creator has chosen to remain anonymous, but has started a blog and twitter.

{Mr. Butternuts - Husband to Mrs. Butternuts. Confused about whether or not he is a rockstar. He is not}

{Eddie Butternuts - Oldest of the Butternuts children. Third Grade. Rainbow mohawk. Not in line for the Spelling Bee Finals}

Her blog is filled with whimsical and witty vignettes. Each scene features different characters posed in a unique and funny way followed by a couple sentences depicting the scene above. Take a look at some of them below, which one is your favorite?

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