Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Heat is On

In order to beat the heat and embrace summer time in the city, I have a staple summer wardrobe and beauty routine that I live off of from May thru early September. Whether I'm headed to the beach, off on a weekend getaway, or bobbin' around the city with friends - these 12 summer essentials are a must have during the heat wave season. Check it out below, what are some of your summer essentials?

1. An umbrella at the beach in the summer time is clutch. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and the ultra-violet rays off your skin. I don't head to the beach without one.

2. A fun tote is essential for a day at the beach or a weekend out of the city. It is fantastic for holding all of your summer needs. I love this whimsical Rebecca Minkoff bag and it's beautiful palm tree beach scene. Check out some other options here

3. When the weather gets warm, I live in these Salt Water sandals. Not only are they super cute, but they are also incredibly comfy. They are great paired with a swimsuit or a cute flowy dress.

4. I rock a straw hat every weekend when the sun is shinning brightly outside. Similar to the umbrella keeps the sun out of my eyes and the rays beating on my face. The added bonus of the straw hat adds an extra pizazz to an ordinary summer outfit.

5. A super cute bikini is always clutch to have on hand just in case a friend wants to jet off to the Rockaways over the weekend. I love this style from Zinke swimwear. 

6. Denim shorts are a staple piece in my summer wardrobe. I love this retro style from Zara. 
For a casual look, pair with Chuck Taylor's or for a dressier look, pair with bright pumps/wedges. 

7. I think Ray-Bans are the perfect sunnies. They have a retro, timeless look and are always in style. 

8.  In the winter time, my nails are always painted in dark, rich shades, but in the summer time I love painting my nails in Essie Angel Food and Muchi Muchi.

9.  I love to let my hair air-dry from May thru September. I use Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray to give my hair either some extra texture and/or beach wavy locks. 

10.  Aveeno makes the best sunscreen - scent free and no breakouts on my skin. I love to lather up with SPF 70 just to be extra cautious.

11.  My skin can get so dry in the summer, especially my lips. Burt's Bees Lip Balm is the best remedy for those extra chapped lips.

12.  Whether it's Perrier or Smart Water - I always remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in the Summer just to make sure I do not get dehydrated or get a massive headache.

This post has been submitted as an entry to IFB Project #104: Share Your Summer Essentials 

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