Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bridal Shower Gift Guide

Celebrate the Bride to Be

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It's almost Memorial Day, which means that wedding season is almost upon us. I'd like to refer to myself as a wedding guest guru. For the last five years, I've been averaging at least 5 weddings a year, which basically qualifies me as an expert when it comes to all things wedding related. Friends always seek my advice on what to get the bride for her bridal shower. I like to stray a little from the typical path and not pick a gift off of the registry, yet pick something more unique and memorable. Is anyone really going to remember that you were a key contributor in their flatware set? Also, everyone always asks what is the typical amount to spend on the bride to be. I usually take the amount that I am going to spend on the wedding gift and half it for the shower gift. Or go in on a bigger gift with a bunch of girlfriends to share in the cost. Check out my bridal shower gift guide above for some fun unique gifts that won't break the bank. Are you headed to a wedding this Summer? If so, don't forget to snag one of these gifts.


  1. wow....all the wedding gifts are awesome.

  2. Such lovely bridal shower gift guide. I am so impressed to have this list here. Well, I also would be marrying soon at the destination beachside Los Angeles wedding venues and was just looking for some nice wedding favor ideas. Do you have personalized favor inspirations?

    1. Thanks Mark and congrats on your recent nuptials. My favorite type of wedding favor usually has a personal touch from the bride and groom. Do you have a favorite bakery in LA that you love to go to with your fiancé? You could package your favorite cookies or chocolate for your guests..