Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Bruffin

This past weekend I headed over to the World's Fair 50th Anniversary celebration with my girlfriend Rachel. Before we toured the park, our first pit stop was checking out all the international food vendors to pick up a delicious snack. One of the vendors that I tried was The Bruffin. Rachel had tasted them once at the Long Island Flea and recommended I try it because they were tasty and packed a big punch. Watch out Cronut, you have some stiff competition. Their tagline rings true, they are "the perfect meal in a muffin." This buttery, flaky brioche dough is rolled around a variety of international ingredients. They were the perfect vendor to be featured at the World's Fair for each treat is baked in parchment paper and adorned with the flag of the nation that inspired it.

The originator, Medy Youcef, coined the name "Bruffin" with the combination of "breakfast" and "muffin." He wanted to create a handheld, full meal that would satisfy your appetite in the morning and provide real nourishment. I wanted to try every flavor that they offered at the fair and it was even way past Breakfast time. I settled on the Greek Bruffin - Spiced Beef, Spinach and Feta. Only because they were sold out of the Canadian Bruffin - Maple Bacon and Cheddar. They were practical, quick to eat, and beyond tasty. Boom, mission accomplished.

Check out some of their deliciousness below or head on over to their Instragram and follow the fun. Is your mouth watering yet? If you didn't catch them at the fair, check them out over the weekend at either the LIC and/or Smorgasburg.

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