Monday, August 4, 2014

James Bay

Watch out Frozen, there's another "Let It Go" out there that is truly magical and breathtaking than the Disney power hit. Only 22 years of age, Bay's star is rising very quickly. Last year, Republic Records discovered a Youtube video of him performing in a British pub. Between Biebs and Bay getting their break on Youtube, I think the universe might be finally telling me something.

Bay admits that writing Let It Go was "super personal and quite hard to write. It outlines the point of a relationship where you think that you should perhaps put it all to bed. We tried it again, and we tried really hard. Maybe we can just be friends and let it go. It's really honest, and I got something off my chest."

Sometimes the most challenging songs to write end up being the most heartfelt and simply the best. The results are truly remarkable. Take a listen below and be blown away by his bluesy vocals.

Let It Go - James Bay

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