Friday, September 5, 2014

Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Bill Cunningham

Last night I attended one of my favorite evenings at the 92Y with Fern Mallis, Fashion Talks. Sitting in the chair this time, was the incredible Bill Cunningham. It has been one of my life long dreams to be photographed by the famous photographer. Although it may never happen, I was fortunate enough last night to at least get to spend an evening with the legendary genius and continue to be inspired by his incredible life. I was absolutely amazed at his energy level for an 86 year old, so lively and youthful. The stories that this man had to tell were captivating, his memory and attention to detail were beyond fascinating. Here are 5 fun facts from last nights lecture and don't forget to turn over to my twitter to see the rest.  

1. Although Bill has worked for quite a few publications (WWD, Details Magazine & NYTimes), he claims he is completely illiterate. He said "I write with pictures. I let the street talk to me. The street speaks to you, if you aren't on the street, you don't know anything."

2. When Bill first got his column in the NYTimes, his photos were considered a breakthrough for the paper. It was the first time celebrities were photographed without their consent.

3. When Bill was evicted from Carnegie Hall Apartments he could have been bought out for $2M or find an apartment equivalent in size that the city would pay for. He scratched the millions and moved on up to an apartment with a view of Central Park. 

4. Bill doesn't own a tv. He would rather go out at night and watch the real thing than watch anything on tv.

5. Bill's Persian blue coat was originally worn by street sweepers in France and only cost $20, the retail value today has doubled to around $50 and he claims is made with poorer quality fabric. 

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