Monday, November 10, 2014

Nathan Reich

I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend, and what better way to remedy the situation, than catch up on the tv that I had missed this week. Parenthood always does the trick.  At the end of each episode, there lies a song that is sweet, heartfelt, and soothing. It's usually a singer-songwriter or a band with an acoustic rendition of a song. This weeks episode, brought a tune from a great musician, who captures the essence of Nashville, Nathan Reich. 

When describing this song, Reich explains that he doesn't "think this song, or most of [his] songs have a special message. It's more about the imagery you get in your mind when you hear the lyrics and the music together. It's a sort of visual postcard, or photograph. It's not meant to have a moral or a point, but to put you in a specific emotional place where you can feel whatever it is you need to feel." 

The scene in the episode of Parenthood, was definitely worthy of a "Notebook" moment, and it was definitely courtesy of this song playing in the background. Listen for yourself below.

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