Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All Hail The Queen of 2015

When reflecting on the year 2014, all that I can say is that it was pretty freakin' fabulous. Sure there were some pretty big lows, like being in a medical boot for the entire Summer/wedding season. But it was counteracted by, new friends, celebrations of love, travel, and the best birthday weekend ever. 

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Well 2015, you've got some stiff competition. But, I say, Bring it!

Here are my five 2015 resolutions/goals this year. What are your resolutions?

1. Run the loop in Central Park with no pain
2. Book a 10 year reunion trip to London with Mel
3. Continue to craft my Photoshop skills
4. Create that much overdue Gallery Wall in my apartment
5. See Taylor Swift in concert

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