Monday, December 22, 2014

Billie Marten

It's been all about those Brit's lately and this week it's no different. Billie Marten has a great name. Frankly, anyone that's got the last name baring resemblance to the legendary Dr. and his boots has my vote. Did I mention that she is also 14, and has a mouth full of braces? At 14, I also had a mouth full of braces but was hanging out at South Coast Plaza with my girlfriends, performing in the school musical, and finishing my algebra homework before bedtime. A typical teenager. Ms. Marten is nowhere near being your typical teenager. 

With a voice similar to Lissie, and a unique twist to one of my favorite songs of all time, you will be quite amazed at this teenager's acoustic awesomeness. Billie Marten is being way more productive than we ever were in our youth. Take a listen below and see for yourself. 

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