Friday, December 12, 2014

The Best New Years Eve Decor

One of my main resolutions of 2014 was to master the craft of photoshop. Although we are at the end of the year, and I have yet to say that I've "mastered" the tool, I will give kudos to my friend Zach for teaching me a crash course in the last few weeks. Cheers to my first post featuring my creation with photoshop and cheers to ringing in 2015 in the next few weeks. 

I am still finalizing my NYE plans, but most likely will be hosting a little soiree at my apartment with my best friends. What better way to get the creative decor juices flowing then to come up with the ultimate mood board to help inspire me with some fun items to decorate around the apartment. 

1. Drape this whimsy polka dot pennant from the ceiling as you ring in another year

2. I love oversized balloons, especially one's that embody 

3. Create your own "ball drop" in the comforts of your own home with this 8" disco ball

4. Balloons shouldn't miss out on a creative flair, especially with these ultimate New Years adjectives

5. Dress up your drink of choice with these festive drinking straws

6. Your Instagram photos will get a little more pizazz with these fantastic props

7. Re-purposed mason jars to be utilized as drinks or beautiful flower vases in the best gold hue 

8. Not only are they recyclable, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe - these champagne flutes do the real thing justice as less than $3.50 each

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