Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To London With Love

{my old flat on Edgeware Road}

I can't believe it's been a decade since I studied abroad in London. Upon first arrival, the city seemed a little overwhelming. Although people still spoke English, it was a foreign country after all. Adjusting to the "left" side of life also threw me a couple curve balls while I was there. But after a few weeks of adjusting and five months later, London became everything to me.

It's one of my favorite cities to visit, heck I've been back twice since 2005. So why not throw in round three with my best friend and celebrate my milestone anniversary/love affair with the remarkable city. Mel and I leave tomorrow for our European adventure. We're hitting up London for a long weekend and then popping over to Iceland in hopes to catch the Northern Lights before they end.

Follow the fun on Instagram and I'll be back in a week with a ton of fun updates. Don't miss me too much!

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