Monday, June 29, 2015

Allie X

Allie X (Alexandra Ashley Hughes) already has Katy Perry's stamp of approval and after listening to her two songs over the weekend has won my heart as well. Two years ago, the Toronto native took a small jaunt to Los Angeles for a casual songwriting trip and then never left. Her sound is reminiscent to the infectious Lana Del Rey, but with more a glitter induced beat. Ms. X is still crafting her sound but has big plans for her future. She told Nylon Magazine:

"I plan on putting out enough collections to fully tell the story of X. And then I'd like to turn it into a musical. It's an abstracted version of my story. So, I'm not sure how it ends yet."

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for any artist who can turn their tunes into a musical. Take a spin to her jingles below and be prepared to get your dancing shoes on. Enjoy!

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