Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Words cannot describe Iris Apfel. The basics - she's a 93 year old American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon. But beyond the basics, she is legendary. When I'm 93, I hope to embody just half her fabulousness and then I'll know that I've truly made a name for myself.

This past Saturday, my girlfriend Allison and I, spent 80 glorious movie minutes watching her documentary and caught a glimpse of her extraordinary life of love, statement glasses and impeccable closet. A unique film that showcases a woman who holds your imagination from the moment she appears on the screen. You simply cannot take your eyes off of Mrs. Apfel, but then, why would you want to?

Don't walk, run to the theater to see this film. Her influences are remarkable and it's no wonder the world is still amazed by her talents almost a century later.

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