Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer School

Summer School

One of the reasons for my short hiatus, has been due to the fact that I have enrolled myself in the Digital Marketing Program at NYU School of Professional Studies. As a child, I used to dread taking Summer school, but as an adult I have a new found respect for it. It has been engaging, challenging, rewarding and most importantly inspiring. I look forward to classes every week and have even enjoyed the homework and project aspect. My 10 year old self would be quite proud.

To keep myself organized and prepared for school each week, I needed the basic school supplies. In my youth, it was all about my bright colorful Jansport, Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and Sanrio desk accessories. But now, I've got a much more neutral palette and lack the need for brand name items. Check out my 9 key supplies that are essential for a new adult student.

1. White Starter Set - $40 (Poppin)

2. Wonder Forest Pineapples Macbook Case - $60 (Casteify)

3. Dark Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bar USB 8GB Flash Drive - $8 (HDE)

4. 2015 Recycled Leather Planner - $20 (Papersource)

5. Beyonce Inspirational Art - $25 (Society6)

6. Gold Dot Notebook - $18 (Sugar Paper Los Angeles)

7. Mini Pouch - $15.50 (Jcrew)

8. City Backpack Mid Volume - $50 (Herschel)

9. Water Bottle - $15 (Camelbak)

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