Monday, November 16, 2015


Kississippi is a band from the 21st century. In late August of 2014, Zoƫ Allaire Reynolds and Colin James Kupson met on Tinder and have been collaborating on music together ever since. They honed their skill sets and went in to the Drexel studios in January 2015 to produce an EP titled We Have No Future, We're All Doomed. What's ironic about the title of their EP. is the band has a future which is looking quite bright.

For one, they've got a knack for capturing intimate moments. Their sound is reminiscent towards Beach House with synth-like harmonies, swoon worthy indie pop hooks, and a delicate dreamy guitar haze. Their latest single 'Greyhound' I can't seem to stop hitting the repeat button on. It's a hazy song, perfect for all the people who lie in bed and dream. Wondering if that other person is also lying in bed dreaming. A soft bedroom pop sound that will have anyone drifting to sleep comfortably hoping to find at least Ben Convington on the other side. Take a listen for yourself and enjoy.

Greyhound - Kississippi

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