Friday, May 20, 2016

Dare to Decorate: Studio Proba

For this month's Dare to Decorate installment, I bring you, the ever so talented Alex Proba of Studio Proba. Back in 2014, Proba came home from her day job and sat down for 30 minutes at night and created a poster graphic on her computer. With each poster she either manipulated found images or from shapes and/or patterns that she created on her own. I believe that "A Poster A Day" is the kind of experiment that every creative person should dabble in at some point in their life. Making a poster became the last thing she did before she headed to bed - like the routine of brushing one's teeth. At the end, the finish product was a visual diary - a narrative each day through a poster.

She has since graduated from this project and now focuses her attention on a plethora of other products, graphics, environmental furniture design and artwork. I've been recently stalking her Instagram and am pretty much obsessed with everything she creates. Even though "A Poster A Day" is no more, you can still purchase these prints on her website. I think these prints would be so adorable in one's kitchen or bathroom. Check out my favorites below, do you agree?

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