Monday, May 16, 2016

Hamilton the Musical

Last Wednesday night, I left my apartment for the first time in two weeks and saw Hamilton. Thanks to the amazing Melanie Heyman and Alex Lacamoire, we were fortunate to snag seats to the hottest show in town and it blew all of my expectations out of the water (and then some). I am still in complete awe of the spectacle I saw. I wanted the musical to just be "ok" since there was soooo much hype. However, I was proved very wrong, it completely deserves every single award it's won and all 16 (record-breaking) Tony nominations. 

What makes it so captivating, is because it is a modern musical based on history and set to rap music. Where else can you see Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton having a rap battle on the stage? That's right, no where. Since seeing the musical, the entire two-disc cast recording has been on repeat in my apartment. I thought I'd share my favorite numbers below and inspire everyone to grab the album immediately. Enjoy!

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