Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Clog It Up

Clog It Up

Over the past few years, the fashion world has seen a mirage of different decades from the past resurface. The 1990's are having an ultimate comeback this Summer with Birkenstocks, overalls, and crop tops making major appearances. However there is a footwear statement from the 1970s (and even early '90s) that has taken the fashion world by storm - clogs! Not going to lie, I owned a pair in middle school and I am about ready to purchase another this season. They used to only come in a handful of colors and styles. However, these days, it seems that every fashion house is going after the trend in a plethora of colors, patterns, silhouettes and heights. Check out my nine favorite styles. I've got my eyes on the polka dot beauties. What about you?

1. Janie Open Toe Clog Sandals, Ugg $140

2. Kay Genuine Sheepskin Lined Clog, Ugg $99.97 (on sale)

3. Navy Patent Clogs, Cape Clog $104.95

4. Pippi Red Closed Toe, Cape Clog $124.95

5. Dekalb Clogs, Rachel Comey $270.91 (on sale)

6. Cheetah Sandal, Cape Clog $154.95

7. Wood Nubuck Clog, Choclat Blu $59.50 (on sale)

8. Dubutant cross strap sandals, Swedish Hasbeens $110.54

9. Old School Nubuck Clog, No. 6 Store $130 (on sale)

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