Friday, January 20, 2017

Dare to Decorate: The Maryn

Dare to Decorate is back with a fresh installment this month. Introducing The Maryn, a decor website that provides a laid-back seaside stylistic approach to decorating your humble abode. The Maryn, which means of the sea, was founded by the genius Michelle Adams as a way to help you one effortlessly create the timeless aesthetic of a home on the water. Her inspirations are her favorite seaside spots - the shores of Lake Michigan, the south of France, Montauk and Sausalito. As a once magazine editor, she has realized overtime that trends are fleeting and therefore she has curated pieces that are here to stay - the kind you will love today, and years down the road. 

Take a peek at some of the pieces that I am currently coveting for my apartment. Which one is your favorite.

1. Desert Sands Pillow, $170

2. White Sailing Ship Kite, $40

3. Robot and Cat Ceramic Mugs, $12

4. Petite Bang Plate, $80

5. Dash Incense Hut, $36

6. Black Suit Art, $122

7. Linen Navy Dashes Throw, $140

8. Charcoal Single-Stripe Basket, $80

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