Friday, February 10, 2017

Max Wanger

Max Wanger is an incredibly talented photographer based out of Los Angeles. To say that he has a knack for creativity would be an understatement. When he was a mere 7 years of age, he constructed his first camera out of paper and scotch tape. He has always been fond of simplistic shots and negative space. He lives by the rules of "less is more and beauty in the unexpected." It is hard to pick a favorite because each shot is unique and provides such joy. I am obsessed with all of his prints but if I had to pick a handful, the one's I've selected are my absolute favorites. Any of these shots would look great in your home or apartment. I think it's time I finally got around to building that gallery wall once and for all.

{Joshuas // New York // Love // Waikiki No 7 // Icecream // Up // Upside Down // Mini // Skate}

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