Friday, October 19, 2012

Iceland is a Magical Place - Part Two

{Duck...Duck...Swan - Reykjavik}

After two amazing days in quaint and quieter locations, we headed to Reykjavik for a taste of Icelandic big city life. The countries capital did not disappoint. We spent hours wandering around the city, discovering interesting unique architecture and designs, as well as enjoying a delicious meal at the best restaurant in town and drinks at eclectic bars.

{Crocheted Sweater Tree}

{Laundromat Cafe for drinks and a game of Icelandic Monopoly}

{Hallgrimskirkja Church}

{Lighting Decor at Grillmarkaðurinn aka Grill Market Restaurant}

The next morning we picked up another car and headed to our final destination - Vik. It rained the entire drive up which was a little disappointing; however, as we approached the town, the weather finally cleared up just in time to enjoy all of the sites. I thought that the landscapes on the way to Stykkishólmur were by far the best I'd ever seen; however, the landscapes leading up to and in Vik were even more amazing. 

{Scenic shot on the way to Vik}

Volcanoes, ridiculous mountains, endless waterfalls, the infamous black sand beach, and multiple rainbow sitings were all part of the jaw dropping and mesmerizing experience. 

{Skogar waterfall in the background}

{Black Sand Beach - Vik}

{Heart Shaped Pebble - Black Sand Beach}

{Town Church - Vik}

After a few hours exploring the town in the damp and cold weather we headed to the Volcano Hotel for the remaining afternoon and night. This bed and breakfast provided warmth, relaxation, great food, and a good night's sleep for our last night in Iceland. We woke up the next morning and headed back to Reykjavik for a few hours before boarding our fight home. On our way back to Reykjavik we spotted a plethora of rainbows which produced the most vibrant colors  I have ever seen.

{Somewhere over the rainbow...}

This was an overall amazing vacation. Hats off to Josh for tolerating my need for a colder vacation than one by a beach. If you have the opportunity to head to Iceland, I highly recommend it in your near future.

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