Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Martha's Vineyard Getaway

In just 9 short days, the girls and I are off to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate the glorious birth of Mrs. Laura Grace Goetz Gamse (LGGG) and her 30th year of life. We have not embarked on such an epic getaway all together since college. This is going to be just like Spring Break 2004, but much much much better. Laughter, cocktails by the beach, bike rides, gossip magazine reading, and a night dancing on the town are just a few activities the girls and I will be getting into. I cannot wait!

I put together a must have packing list for our weekend getaway. Don't forget the following 8 items for any beach retreat. I've got my eyes on that adorable heart printed one piece by Lauren Moffatt. What are your beach getaway must haves?

1. Beach Towel, Sunnylife Ipanema
2. Straw Hat, Hat Attack
3. Sandals, Joie
4. White Dress, Band of Outsiders
5. Beach Tote, Kate Spade
6. One Piece Swimsuit, Lauren Moffatt
7. Picnic Basket, C Wonder
8. Sunnies, Ray Ban Wayfarer

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