Monday, May 20, 2013

Tom Odell

I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon this past Saturday so the latter half of the weekend was spent relaxing and catching up with friends. The best part of kicking my feet up was catching up on old episodes of Felicity. Even after its sixth rotation, it never gets old. The show is jammed back with some amazing late 90s power ballads. Artists like Sarah McLaughlin, Heather Nova, Luce, and David Mclean - are all singer song writers who know how to pull at your heartstrings at just the right moments.

A recent singer song writer from the UK that I have stumbled upon is artist Tom Odell. His music would fit quite perfectly in any episode of Felicity. He was discovered by Lily Allen and later signed a record deal to "In the Name of" which is an imprint of Columbia Records. His debut album will drop June 23rd. Even Taylor Swift is a Super Fan.

According to the UK Guardian, Odell states "Having your heart broken makes fucking good songs". He is right, take a listen to "Another Love" below. Felicity, are you grabbing for that box of tissues yet?

Another Love - Tom Odell

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