Wednesday, November 6, 2013

City Ballet

Forget Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker has a new role and it is better than ever. As a New York City Ballet board member, she conceived and produced an awesome AOL On Originals' new docuseries that will make every little girl swoon with excitement. 

city.ballet., gives viewers the ultimate look into the ranks of New York City Ballet. The audience will get a first glance as what it is like to start off as an Apprentice to Corps de Ballet, then getting promoted to Soloist and finally graduating to Principle.

We all know my love for the ballet (as seen here) and within minutes of watching I was instantly hooked. Watching the first episode brought back so many fond childhood memories of dancing my heart out at Southland Ballet Academy. I spent countless hours dedicating my craft each week, but I was only an amateur. The professional world, as seen thru this insider lens, is just as grueling, but also captivating, beautiful and will inspire all future ballerinas out there.

There are 12 episodes that average about 5 mins a piece but will keep the viewer engaged and constantly craving more. There are also shorter clips which focus on a Behind the Scenes look at interesting topics (shoes, shoes, shoes!!). 

Check out the pilot episode, and then head to AOL On Originals to dive deeper into city.ballet.

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