Friday, November 8, 2013

Picture Frame DIY

DIY projects can always be a little daunting. The DIY'er/blogger always makes it look so easy. I always ask myself the same two questions, can I tackle the project with such ease or will my creation turn out as awesome? After getting over my intimidation (I hired my mom to help boost some confidence along the way), I decided to take plunge into my first DIY territory this past weekend.

As far as DIY projects go, this one was simple, quick, affordable, and adds a little extra pizazz to your home decor. Here's how I did it:

 Items needed: spray paint, measuring tape, screwdriver, picture hanging hooks, pencil, scissors, and frames.

Start by removing all glass, cardboard and backing to all picture frames. This makes spray painting so much easier.

After all components are removed, find a good place to begin the spray painting process. I recommend some place outside. If you do not have a backyard or access to outside space, try an alternative option, like your fire escape. Make sure you lay down newspaper to ensure you don't get spray paint everywhere.

Ensure that when you are spraying, that you make sure you are getting the outside of the frames too.

Spray paint dries very quickly, but always allow enough time to let the paint settle. Once all frames have dried, bring back inside and add picture framing hooks to the back of each frame (if they are not already on the back of the frame). It is easier to utilize a power drill to drill holes instead of using a plain hammer and nails.

Once completed, lay out frame position on your floor to brainstorm ideas of how you would like to add to your walls. When finalized, start measuring on walls and hang away. I chose the gallery wall effect to get dimension and a little extra excitement.

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