Monday, November 25, 2013

Ivan & Alyosha

There is something about the nostalgia of going home that always gets me in the spirit to listen to folk rock jams. Maybe it's the excitement of driving again and being able to roll down the windows and listen to really heartfelt good tunes. Or maybe it's just the tunes I want to hear when we are all gathered around the Thanksgiving table talking about what we are thankful for.

Upon first listen to the band Ivan & Alyosha, I was immediately hooked and couldn't wait to get a car and drive down PCH and smell the campfires burning. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, these two brothers' songs are perfectly plucked with folk-rock guitars and bright blend of voices. Making their timeless pop ideal and pleasing to the ear. Take a listen below, grab your coat and hope in my car. We are headed down the coast.

Ivan & Alyosha - Running for Cover

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