Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Year Blog-Anniversary

Can you believe it has been two years since Pewter & Puddles first graced the blogosphere? To all of my family, friends and fellow bloggers, thank you for your continued encouragement and readership. This blog challenges me each and every week, and I couldn't complete the posts without your love and support. Over 260 posts so far and another 2,600,000 more to go..

In typical blog fashion, who doesn't love a good roundup? Here is a look back at the top five posts about Music, Fashion, Home Decor, NYC and Lifestyle (based on page views) from the last year:

When I first blogged about  Lola Wolf, I couldn't find anything about them on the internet other than it was the best thing to happen to Zoë Kravitz. Since her electronic pop single titled "Drive" hit the web, she's added many new jams to her repertoire and toured all over the country. You are missing out if you bypass this awesome tune.


Whether you make a small statement with your clutch or earrings or you go all out in a dazzling frock, you will sure to be a crowd pleaser in any of these fantastic embellished dresses for the upcoming ball drop this New Years Eve. 

Gallery Wall
Every once and awhile, I have a brand reach out to me to do a sponsored post. Recently, Shutterfly opened its doors and wanted to collaborate on a home decor post. I've always wanted to create a Gallery Wall in my bachelorette pad and came up with the best ideas to consider for tackling the project.

Sarah Jessica Parker, conceived and produced an awesome AOL On Originals' new docuseries titled city.ballet which gives you the ultimate look into the ranks of New York City Ballet and will make every little girl swoon with excitement. I miss Southland Ballet Academy.


I am a sucker for anything pertaining to astrology and your birth sign. I rounded up Susan Miller of Astrology Zone's 2014 predictions for each sign. We are coming to a close on 2014, was she pretty accurate or what? 

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  1. Keep on blogging, Evonne. P&P is top notch. Happy 2 year anniversary to my favorite blog.