Friday, October 24, 2014

Hostess Gift Guide

Hostess Gift Guide

I can't believe next week is Halloween, where did this year go? In just a few short weeks, holiday season is going to kick into overdrive. Suddenly, you will find yourself at a plethora of gatherings with family and friends to celebrate. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, a basic rule of etiquette - never arrive empty-handed. As your host will appreciate the impulse bottle of wine or flowers, they probably have their fare share of those things already procured. So with that in mind, go for the gift that is a little off the beaten path, more timeless and memorable. Something that can be featured on display for their next gathering of sorts. Check out the ultimate gift set for your favorite holiday hostess.

1. These faceted stoppers from Kate Spade, keep wine fresh and elegant with light-catching crystal angles.

2. You can never have too many candles lit at a party. Keep all your matches handy in this adorable Jonathan Adler porcelain elephant match stick holder.

3. Name tag coasters serve as the best remedy when forgetting new acquaintances names minutes after you just met. Guilty party of 1.

4.  Napkins should always have an accessory that screams playful and fun. These polka dot printed rings by Fish's Eddy are simply the best.

5. C. Wonder and the big apple are making way for a plethora of yummy cheesy on this fabulous platter.

6. Perforated perfection in candle holder form.

7. Spice up your table with some pizazz, especially with these napkins from H&M.

8. Add a personal touch to entertaining with these monogrammed old fashioned glasses by Mikasa. If the letter E isn't your jam, don't worry, there are 24 other letters to choose from for your hostess.

9. I'm usually the only one who prefers a cup of tea after a filling meal. Would love this London inspired tea-for-one set from Urban Outfitters in my near future.

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