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Top 10 Items Needed In Your Closet

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Currently, New Yorkers and all east coasters are in the process of changing out their wardrobes for Fall temperatures and purging anything they didn't wear over the Spring and Summer time. Sometimes it is hard to part with a favorite sweater or sandal, even if you haven't worn it in years, hoping that one day the trend will resurface (it always does). However, it is always good to do a little cleaning every once and a while.

Getting my closet organized for a new season, got me thinking about the essentials that everyone should have in her wardrobe. Inspired by a post that I did two years ago, revolving around shoes, here are the top 10 items that every women should have in her closet. Invest in timeless pieces, and you'll never be at a loss for what to wear whenever the occasion calls for something special. Do you have everything on the list?

1. A White Dress Shirt
{Thomas Mason for J.Crew Boy Shirt, $148.00}

Meet your new BFF, it can be worn to work, for an interview, or even just looking polished for a nice dinner. Be prepared to splurge a little, you want your white dress shirt to hold its shape through many washings, and not be the slightest bit translucent. Therefore, consider buying on size larger than normal wear, you don't want any awkward pulling or gaps around your chest. It's always better to be safe than sorry. You want to nail that next interview, right? 

2. Favorite Pair of Jeans
{The Skinny Mid-Rise, Rag & Bone $190}

It is worth spending an ample amount of time to hunt down a pair that hugs you in all the right places, has the perfect amount of stretch for your needs, and is the wash/color of your dreams. The minute you do find the ultimate pair, you will look in the mirror and just know you have hit the jackpot. Even if they're expensive, know that they are a staple, and a classic item that is totally worth the paycheck. Just think about all those times you'll be slipping into them, when you have nothing else to wear.

3. Trench Coat

{Old Port Trench, L.L Bean $99}

Similar to that white button down, a trench coat is also versatile. Whether you are wearing it to a date, dinner, or to work, the silhouette can take the mundane task of grocery shopping and turn it into an uber chic affair. It doesn't matter the color, either black or khaki. Make sure you gravitate towards something below the knees and cut loose through the sleeves and shoulders, so you'll be able to layer pieces underneath during the Spring or Fall.

4. Little Black Dress
{Sleeveless Peplum Dress, Ali Ro $338}

Whether your last minute tinder date pulled through or you need to be a wingman for someone at a wedding this weekend, it is always good to have an LBD handy for any occasion. The right accessory, be it pearls or patent-leather flats, will make the dress appropriate for black tie or something slightly less formal.

5. Black Tights

{Camilla Opaque Tights, Theory}

Your beginning to see a trend here - black, black, black. Let's face it though, it is a staple color even when it comes to accessories. When the whether drops below 50, sometimes you aren't feeling pants and want to opt for a dress or skirt but need the perfect tight to cover your legs for warmth and chicness. My must have pair is from Theory, they make my legs look slim and can always remedy a dress challenge when the certain item of clothing is just way too short for wear. A fun trick is to double them up for a more opaque look, plus it keeps you much warmer in the winter!

6. Blazer

{Fitted Blazer, H&M $24.95}

A plain blazer (preferably black) can be thrown on with almost anything to complete a look and also add some character to your outfit. A blazer can also change your weekend wardrobe of jeans and a tee into a full on runway show. With some brilliant color and patterned options at some fabulous prices, you can't afford not to own a blazer or two.

7. Basic Tee
{Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee, Madewell $25}

A basic tee, one in black, one in white, and one in grey will ensure you will never speak the ill words of "having nothing to wear." It is such an easy and affordable piece to obtain, and so many options of how to style it. Also, don't forget to choose a neckline that compliments the shape of your face.

8. Statement Jewelry

{Goreski Glasses Bangle, Kate Spade $78}

This Kate Spade bangle has become my staple and my go-to piece that gets loads of compliments every single time I wear it. Your statement jewelry should scream your name, whether it is a necklace, a pair of killer earrings, a fabulous ring or bracelet - this piece of jewelry can spruce up any outfit 

9. Wool Coat
{Shawl-Collar Coat, A.P.C}

Wool is not the easiest fabric to work with as far as fit goes; however, once you have discovered the perfect silhouette, you will never want to take it off. The purchase can take a hit to your bank account, but after your credit clears, it will have you realizing it was worth the investment since it takes you from Fall and Winter and well into Spring and Summer. My suggestion is finding a neutral color and a classic shape, this will keep you cozy and fashionable for the longest timeframe. 

10. Evening Clutch
{Medium Leather Carry-All Pouch, American Apparel $52}

If your a lady on the town (who isn't), an evening clutch is necessary. Charity events, evenings out, or just grabbing a quick bite somewhere new, it can be inconvenient to carry a large bag (especially when these places are overcrowded). I don't mind carrying a clutch, but some hate the fussiness of holding it. When looking for an nice clutch, opt for a bag with hidden straps, it comes in handy when you are grabbing an extra drink for your girlfriend or date.

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