Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Shower Gift Guide

There must be something in the water, because most of my friends are popping out babies. I seemed to have swapped the bridal shower invite, and substituted it for the baby shower or the one year old birthday celebration. Expectant mothers usually need everything on their registry, but when purchasing a gift for the little one, I like to stray from the typical path and pick something more unique and memorable. Whoever says that their first pair of Chuck Taylors aren't crucial for their wardrobe as they begin to walk is crazy. In addition, a gigantic animal head is the perfect adorable addition to their nursery decor. Check out my top 10 picks for the perfect baby shower gift. I swear, shopping for a little one is simply the best.

1. Create a fun wall of the wild and let the imaginations roam with this adorable Elephant Wall Mount by Serena & Lily 

2. Acting as a house or hideout, ship or shop, Restoration Hardware's teepee tent is ready for imaginary adventures

3. The sweetest way to sooth anyone to sleep, by counting crocheted sheep

4. Manny and Simon sure know how to make wooden toys fashionable

5. Pick up my favorite childhood book, courtesy of Ludwig Bemelmans to read just before bedtime

6. Baby Chuck Taylors, enough said

7. Baby Toms, enough said part two

8. Complete the look of the nursery with these nautical inspired whale bookends by Jonathan Adler

9. As you travel to a magical fantasy world, make sure to hold on tight to your Celestial Stuffed Unicorn by Aurora

10. Fuzzy as a teddy bear, this Carter's hoodie is crafted in cuddly faux shearling.

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