Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Out Of The Woods

Out Of The Woods

Call me a wilderness girl at heart, but I'm a sucker for wood inspired home decor. Rustic pieces that look as if they belong in a cabin in the woods, appear antique, but have a modern twist. It's the new gender neutral shabby chic. For those living with significant others, it can be challenging to agree on furnishings that are appealing to both sexes. Yet with each and every one of these pieces, both parties are happy and so is your apartment. Consider adding a touch of wilderness to your current abode.

1. Kendra Mirror

2. Natural Tree Stump Side Table

3. Austin Chair

4. Media Console

5. Candleholder

6. Rug

7. Atwood Chest

8. Jacobson Coaster Set

9. California Wood Wall Art

10. Wooden Table

11. Salad Server Set

12. Maple Wall Clock

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